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Roger Williams stated: "Gospel Church must be made up of such regenerate men, and calls them actual believers, true disciples and converts, living stones, such as can give some account how the grace of God hath appeared unto them and wrought that heavenly change in them."

I totally agree with him. And a huge problem to day, is that this kind of "saint" is few and far between in the "church world". Those notable, or not so notable. The reality is there is little to no evidence of "new creation" life in them. Worse, from the pulpits, they are COMFORTED in their SIN. Oh what gnashing of teeth there will be come judgment day.

Charles H. Spurgeon said..... "God-given repentance makes men grieve in their inmost souls over the sin they have committed - and works in them a gracious hatred of evil in every shape and form! We cannot find a better definition of repentance than the one many of us learned at our mother's knee -

"Repentance is to leave The sin we loved before And show that we in earnest grieve By doing so no more.""

Change our hearts oh LORD, make them ever new
Change our hearts oh LORD, make us be like you

How many times we've sang this? Is YEHOVAH not hearing our prayer? Or is it just a song of sentiment we sing, without ever having been made new? I can assure you beyond doubt or question, the problem is not with HAYAH (I AM). The problem is with satan and his perversion of TRUTH.

Deviation from SOUND DOCTRINE to a faith of mere mental agreement, and confidence in the wisdom of men, or rather lack thereof, and all the preachers who preach the words of the unregenerate preachers before them. TRUTH that excludes TRUTH, is in fact, NOT TRUE. Satan specializes in this. So do denominations, caused by disagreement of man's interpretation and opinion, rather than HOLY SPIRIT revelation.

The great B.H. Carrol, fundamentalist preacher and theologian preached: "The preacher who leaves out repentance commits as grave a sin as the one who leaves out faith. I mean he must preach repentance just as often, and with as much emphasis, and to as many people as he preaches faith. To omit repentance, to ignore it, to depreciate it, is rebellion and treason."

What is it, that separates the tare from the wheat in our midst. REPENTANCE from the heart, and the lack thereof. The tare has no evidence, when ripened, of repentance in their life. While the wheat repents today, and tomorrow too. Ever despising his sin sick flesh, and denying it with HOLY SPIRIT power at every opportunity.

Men don't go to hell for their sins. Oh no. They go to hell because they refuse to REPENT - STOP SINNING. Is this who you are? Oh my, I hope not. If there is no gospel of repentance, there can be no award of GRACE. REPENTANCE, not immersion, is the FIRST transaction of SALVATION. The BLOOD has been shed. But without true heart felt determination to NOT SIN AGAIN, the blessing it provides, benefits no one. It will not wash away the stain of sin, without that sin being first REPENTED of.

Act 2:38 Then Peter said unto them, Repent, and be baptized every one of you in the name of Jesus Christ for the remission of sins, and ye shall receive the gift of the Holy Ghost.

Oh friend look beyond the preacher. Look to HIS word. Search the scriptures DAILY to see if these things be so.

CAUTION: If you ever read here, what is not written in HIS word, the whole counsel of it, please love me enough to point it out. Bring your chapter(s) and verse(s) and show me plainly in scripture where I'm in error and I will publicly RENOUCE my error and change. My heart is to make HIS word and HIS TRUTH plain, by trying to apply it to ordinary daily living. But I am yet a man like you. I can easily be mistaken. Correct me with HIS word and lets go on together in unity and love. giving rightful praise and worship to the ONLY ONE who is worthy of our praise. - Lahry

Lahry Sibley

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