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 My how things change - or you never know!

President Trump visited our small town of Bemidji, MN on Sept 18. The population in 2019 was officially listed at 15,434. Plus there is Bemidji State University and its students which may add to that number a bit. He actually landed Air Force One at the airport in what one resident described as the biggest event to ever occur in Bemidji. The seats my friend and I were able to get allowed us to be about 25 foot from the President when he entered and left the loud and enthusiastic rally. We were close. Soon after came the debate with Joe Biden, where, in my opinion, President Trump could have displayed better behavior. That's my opinion, I realize that. His demeanor was suprising in lieu of the fact that he seemed to be on a roll and held the upper hand going into the debates. And he openly mocked Joe Biden for wearing a mask at all times. Now the President and the First Lady are sick and President Trump is in the hospital. I'm not suggesting he became sick because of his debate performance, I'm just relating the recent set of fast moving events. And I got word last night a good friend of mine who is a leading elder like member of our congregation and his wife are sick with the virus. She has been suffering from a form of cancer for over three years and she has begun to bleed around her stomach and may not make it through this weekend. If I understand correctly, when she was admitted they found out about the virus in her and her husband. As she is fighting, her husband will not be allowed to see her because they are both sick with COVID. They are the first members of our congregation to become sick with the virus.

Jesus was correct when he said don't boast about tomorrow because it's not here yet and a lot of unforeseen things could transpire between now and then. We are all likely praying for President Trump, but please if you would, lift up my friend and his wife in their most serious of circumstances. They are very good people in the Lord. This is a emotional one for me. I'm asking for your prayers.

And let me know how I may pray for you.

Thank you from the heart.

David Winter

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 Re: My how things change - or you never know!

Well said David. Praying now for your friends as well as President Trump and his wife.



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