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Discussion Forum : News and Current Events : Ravi Zacharias accused of sexual misconduct

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Wonderful posts Dolfan and Brothagary. Instead of criticizing Ravi, let's learn from his fall. There should be no lust for ministry in our midst, instead, we need a passion to please God in our short earthly stay. We cannot take our ministry with us but we take our Christlike character with us to heaven.


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This is a big shock for me, the allegations from digferent people are serious. The only question is, if this are true or not. And I dont think I can really know just by reading something in the Internet.

But IF true, it is really a deceptive evil if you put your shoes on Ravi, his family and the victims. Leaders are more accountable not lesser accountable just because they have done many good work for God.

Really made me behold myself on what I do when no one is arround, remembering in fear the discrepancy of what i professed to who I am really. Sometimes I do think, maybe Joel Osteens and the others are "cleaner"?

Remember that the basis Jesus said is how we live not just what doctrine we preach or believe.

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 Re: big shock

Ravi already has stood before the Judge of all the earth on May 19, 2020.

What business does any christian, no less a christian leader, have being the owner of a house of prostitution.

Not only does one have no business owning it, but neither does one have being a customer in such a place allowing a woman who is not his wife putting her hands on him.

Would to God that all men of God be as Joseph and flee from such temptation.

May God help us all...

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We all know from the scripture that Joseph was put in jail for committing adultery which he has not done. Jesus was accused of many things which he has not done.
In Isaiah(11:3) bible says "...He will not judge by what His eyes see, and He will not decide by what His ears hear".
Bible says if we lust after a woman in our hearts we have already committed adultery. If we look our life how many times we have committed adultery after becoming Christian.
In God eyes we are sinners but He forgave us when we confessed our lustful thinking. Bible says if we don't want to be judged by God then we should stop judging others. It is Satan who accuses God's child all the time. If we keep accusing one of God's child then we join hands with Satan.
There are types of ministry 1. Intercession 2) Accusation.
Satan always accuses but Jesus always interceded. We have to decide whether we join hands with Jesus or with Satan.
At the end of Gospel of John when Jesus told Peter the nature of his death then he asked Jesus about John. Then Jesus replied how does it matter to Peter. It is God who can make him stand on the final day. May God bless. And let us always have an attitude of intercession and not an accusation. Amen

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