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Holdrege Nebr

 Revelation Bible Study

Can someone tell me The name of a good biblical Bible study on Revelation is?
Thank you!


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 Re: Revelation Bible Study

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 Re: Revelation Bible Study


There are a number of good studies out there on this book and there are many differing interpretations of what is revealed; but you will do well to consider the following as you read this book. First and foremost this book is a revelation of who Jesus Christ is. The words are symbolic and mysterious at times yet the meaning is clear, Jesus Christ is the center and the focus of all that God does in the world. He is “first and last.” There is nothing that Jesus does not comprehend and encompass. He is the horizon of all mankind, stretched from eternity to eternity. He is God. His kingdom is everlasting.

You should also consider the clear message of an overcoming church in this book. The vitality of the church is not in religious activity but in a steadfast devotion to Christ through many trials. Reread chapters 2 and 3 and notice how many times it speaks of “he that overcometh.”Notice that the inheritance of the kingdom belongs to the overcomers.

Notice also that Jesus shows us several different groups of overcomers in heavenly glory, it's as if these saints who are in heaven are cheering on those still in the battle on earth. Read of them in the following passages;

Revelation 5
Revelation 7:9-17
Revelation 14:1-5
Revelation 15:2-4
Revelation 21:6-7 , 10-14, 21-27

So, in short, try reading the book with those topics as the focus, I have done this and been greatly encouraged by the revelation of God's glory and His ultimate purpose regarding Jesus Christ in His activities in this world with an eye also on the amazing future of the church in ages to come.

In Christ,

Ron Halverson

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 Re: Revelation Bible Study

Hi Sheila:

I am currently going thru bro Zac's series on Revelation. Hope you can check it out.


james thorpe

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 Re: Revelation Bible Study

The best I have found is the Bible study by Zac Poonen. Apart from that link provided you can also refer to the book Final Triumph.

The above link is free ebook for Kindle and all major ereaders as well as PDF version to read in phone. I and my Wife had read it together multiple times are are very blessed by this book. It is also a Bible study on the book of Revelation.


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 Re: Revelation Bible Study

I suggest you go to to or check Derek Prince on YouTube.

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There is a featured 9 part series on Revelation by T. Austin Sparks on this page:

and you can also search by scripture there to find many more sermons on the book of Revelation.

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