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 This November - 09/05/2020 ... by Mario Murillo

THIS NOVEMBER (Posted on September 5, 2020)


- Trump will finish his destiny. But a selective judgment will devastate some yet pass over others. Here's how to prepare.

In November, you will begin to see the judgment of God fall on America. Strangely, it will be a surgical strike that will devastate some, but will pass over others. There are many voices making similar predictions, but my message to you is about what you should do to prepare for the convulsive events that are nearly upon us. My message to you contains both sobering truth and rock-solid encouragement.

Let’s begin with the most important thing to understand about the impending judgment coming in November: It is because of God’s fierce and firm decision to spare America, and because He has decided to save our nation.

It is a fearful truth, however. Shock waves are required to correct our course. Violent upheavals are a part of His rescue mission.

Who are the targets of God’s judgment? False pastors, politicians, celebrities, and cultural influencers. Why are they to be targeted? Because they are the ones responsible for calling down the destruction of our nation. They have shaken their fists at God and boasted that they are going to build an America that hates our Judeo-Christian roots.

Jehovah who has, in the past, winked at their debauchery, has now fixed a deadline for the end of their activities.

A forerunner to this judgment is Donald Trump. While he has been a blessing to the righteous, he has been a scourge to the God-haters. They cannot explain his effectiveness. They cannot understand why they cannot stop him. They are baffled that every attempt to destroy him has backfired.

The architects of a godless America will now see the same force that has kept President Trump from being destroyed, descending in judgment on their empires. Dismiss me if you will, but consider this: What if you see false preachers taken, even while they are speaking their pernicious doctrines? What if billionaires who are seemingly impervious to bankruptcy, are suddenly wiped out? What if nations that are the avowed enemy of America and Israel, suddenly implode economically or by convulsions in nature?

The pandemic and the mass rioting are but the initial birth pangs of this occasion.

Convulsions are indeed coming, but God wants you, the righteous core who are His beloved, to not only endure, but to thrive as a result of this event.

What should you do to be ready for November?

1. Don’t be deceived. As Jesus watched the Twelve admiring the buildings in Jerusalem, He told them that they would all be destroyed, until not one brick would be left on top of another.

So, they asked when this would happen. Matthew 24:3, “Now as He sat on the Mount of Olives, the disciples came to Him privately, saying, “Tell us, when will these things be?”” They wanted Jesus to give them a date, so they could be prepared. They were only thinking in the natural, and that is the wrong way to prepare.

The question they should have asked is, “How should I prepare?” Jesus’ answer is very telling. He said, “Take heed that no one deceives you” (Mt. 24:4).

The most important gift in this hour is discernment. Satan is bombarding the church with conflicting opinions that range from apathy to outright terror. Neither extreme is the truth! This downpour of opinions is designed by hell to destroy God’s people.

The overuse of hyper-grace and prophetic “words” is by design. The omitting of the Bible and sound teaching is by design. They have come to deceive and render the people of God powerless, prior to the coming storm. Therefore, we must love truth—not foolishness!

2. Prepare, but do not panic. God knew this was coming. He is not surprised and He is never fooled. The child of God must remember that their greatest safety is in being right with God. Those who would make you panic, have not been sent from the Lord.

It is important to understand that if you have been seeking God all along, that is, if you are pressing in to know Him and please Him, you have been preparing, even without realizing it. Your safety is already in place. Matthew 24:6, “And you will hear of wars and rumors of wars. See that you are not troubled; for all these things must come to pass, but the end is not yet.”

3. The righteous will be spared this November by a special intimacy with the Lord, a special clarity of His voice that will lead to special instructions and a special refuge from the coming judgment.

Isaiah 26:20-21, “Come, my people, enter your chambers, and shut your doors behind you; hide yourself, as it were, for a little moment, until the indignation is past. For behold, the Lord comes out of His place to punish the inhabitants of the earth for their iniquity; the earth will also disclose her blood, and will no more cover her slain.”

This verse is so rich, that I will end this message by unpacking some of its treasure.

-Entering into your chambers is not just a room, a bomb shelter or the cabin in the mountains. It is a place in God—a place that makes you disaster-proof, as David wrote in Psalm 41:1, “God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble.”

-Closing the door behind you means you shut out all of the toxins of this age. It means you slam the door on fear and confusion and every person or vile thing that tries to undermine your relationship with Jesus. When you hear that door slam, a genuine peace and power will clothe you.

-“Hide yourself” is both literal and figurative. God will instruct you on what to buy to be ready and what not to waste your money on. You will hide wisely. Proverbs 22:3, “A prudent man foresees evil and hides himself, but the simple pass on and are punished.”

Indeed, God is coming out of His place to punish, but from the spiritual and physical fortress God will make with you, you will hear and maybe even see it, but judgment will pass over you. Just as in the judgment on Egypt, there was darkness where the Egyptians were, but it was light in Goshen where the people of God were living (see Exodus 10:22-23).

Always rest in this promise, “A thousand may fall at your side, and ten thousand at your right hand; but it shall not come near you. Only with your eyes shall you behold, and see the reward of the wicked” (Psalm 91:7-8).


Posted on September 5, 2020


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 Re: This November - 09/05/2020 ... by Mario Murillo

Hi ,
I listened to his response to Dana Coverstones dreams and I thought that Mario Murillo was very very vague on what Judgement was coming .I thought he completely dodged the question Was Dana Coverstone's Dreams going to happen?
How he dodged the question with is what is written in this article .He basically said that he would do what Jesus did which was answer the underlying question .So instead of answering Is Dana Coverstones Dreams Going to Happen ,he answered How should we prepare for the Judgement in November?
I thought this was clever and even helpful but dishonest ultimately.Pretty disappointed with his response urs staff

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If President Trump wins, the "progressive" left is not going to take it lying down and honestly admit they lost another election. If President Trump prevails, a period of trouble and further violence is likely coming. This is one thing I feel pretty sure of.

David Winter

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 Re: This November - 09/05/2020 ... by Mario Murillo

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Hi Rhuomai
I think that this article is rubbish quite frankly and look at the qoute below to see why.The fundamentals of the article are that God will not reveal anything new scripturally (which is true their will be no new canon) and because of God not revealing anything new scripturally that he will not reveal anything new full stop whether its in line with Scripture or not .
Then he goes on to say that because other people made false predictions Dana Coverstone is bound to be wrong paraphrasing.
I am not,repeat not saying Dana Coverstone is correct I havent come to a conclusion but a number of people have said that Dana Coverstone is wrong because he claims not to be a Prophet and that he should have claimed to be a prophet .This is also rubbish too for a couple of reasons.1:Dana Coverstone like John The Baptist may not beleive he is a Prophet .John refused to accept he was the "Elijah" although this was confirmed by Jesus that he was
2:Dana Coverstone may be taking Jesus advice and not putting himself at the top table but is being humble
3:The Bible Clearly states the "Old Men would have visions and young men would dream dreams" and that God continues to communicate with his Church .This has nothing to do with Canon or being a Prophet
4:People should respond to what Dana Coverstone has said and debunk what he said rather than attack his position in the Church .I have listened to his dreams and nothing I have heard in his dreams I can see is against Scripture.Perhaps he may have jumped the gun with what to do with his dreams but even on that I am not sure.

In conclusion the proof of the pudding is in the Eating ,if What Dana Coverstone said is correct ,it will come to pass and if not it will not ,urs staff

qoute from article

"I’m referring to the fact that we have a closed canon. Since the end of the first century when the apostles were fading off into the sunset at the completion of the New Testament—there has been no need for a fresh revelation from God. To be clear, we already have one.

Anytime we have someone claiming to hear messages directly from God, it should cause us to be very skeptical"

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Staff, would Jesus tell his followers to arm themselves and “ammo up?”

I think you said previously that maybe his word is correct but his response is not.

What true prophet would get the most important part wrong?

I again point to the fact that if you research him he is a prepper and that is where his mindset is and he said he reads 20 newspapers per day. That mindset combined with obsession over current events is going to come out in your dreams. In his mind the response to trouble is to hoard and arm yourself to shoot at those who threaten your horde.


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Hi TMK ,I think I have addressed that already regarding Dana Coverstone and Ammoing up.
When Agabus prophesised about Paul he came to the wrong conclusion about what to do with the prophesy and Dana Coverstone could easily fall into that category.
So what you are saying is that a Christian cant have a dream from God that is accurate if they read 20 newspapers a day or are looking over current events???
I dont think that analysis is correct I think God can communicate through dreams whenever he chooses.
My point is that anything he said regarding his dreams are not unscriptural and because of that the proof of the pudding is in the eating ,if the events unfolds then he is correct and if they dont then he is incorrect.I cant myself tell if what he is saying is from the Lord or not unless I wait to see what unfolds or if the Lord shows me that they are not true.I can be a berean and check the scriptures and I can make sure also I dont throw the baby out with the just because Dana Coverstone says to arm up as a response doesnt mean the dream is also incorrect.
Is their anything he said in his dreams themselves that is unscriptural?
urs staff

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I don’t deny God has and does speak to people in dreams.

But- I have dreams every night that aren’t unscriptural. Don’t you? Because my dreams are not unscriptural does that mean they are from the Lord?

I have had two dreams that I would call “apocalyptic” because they included visions of extreme weaponry/atomic destruction. One was very vivid.

But I did not go on YouTube to tell the world about the dream, because it was just a dream.

I am sure most of us have had dreams of this nature, but 99.9% of the time we don’t tell the world. I am just not sure why Coverstone is different in this regard.

But you are right, the proof will be in the eating. What should happen to Mr. Coverstone if he is dead wrong? What should be his church’s response?


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Yeah but "What do you do with a dream from God"? or what action should you take?
The content of Dana Coverstones Dream which was not unscriptural and equally it could be from the Lord as he said it is.You are basing your experience about dreams, on his dreams which he says are from the Lord and that he feels that he should share it and thats what God wants him to do.
Dana Coverstone obviously has a deep concern for people and thats why he feels that he needs to warn people.Are you saying you should never share your dreams from God?Or that you or I decide if someones dream is from God or not when it doesnt go away from Scripture?
Also if I read my bible every day and pray every day etc why dont those intense activities have effects on what dreams I have like 20 newspapers etc.
If Dana Coverstone is wrong then the Lord Says "We are not to be afraid of that person" paraphrasing from the old testament on Prophets.We can then listen to Dana Coverstones explanation to why he was wrong and going forward we can use Dana Coverstone experience as an example on Dreams and Prophesy etc when it happens again .As we are not in the old testament he does not get stoned to death for his mistakes and the Law of Grace comes into play.

On a purely practical front I do not think the Democrats are going to accept losing in November as they have spent 4 yrs not accepting the result from even before the President took office.If you remember A "Not my President B Trying to get a recount in places C They mooted the electoral college not voting for Trump D Then you had the Russia Hoax F The Ukraine Hoax G The Impeachement H Then it turned to violence BLM and Antifa.So based on that it seems that the opposition gets stronger and stronger and more evil and more evil and that the Democrats who are now almost wholly Socialist will go a step further,urs staff

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 Re: Dana C.

Would someone please summarize what Dana C. says will happen, and when he says it will happen.

Because after that time has passed, and when what he's said hasn't come to pass, the majority will just forget about it. And then another will follow with their dream, and then another, and then another. And so on and so on and so on...

Mark the time of both Dana's and Mario's so-called inspired dreams, and what they claimed was God-given in regard to what would come to pass. And when it doesn't, remember, and let it be a reminder to us all not to be deceived by future claims of a similar nature. Yet I wonder how many will still be willing to have their ears tickled.

And also, what will these men themselves do or say when it's revealed that they have not heard from God after telling us that they have.

I'll tell you what they will do. They'll make some excuse or other for it!

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