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 Re: Opinions on Pastor Dana Coverstone regarding Sept through November?

As with all prophets or those claiming to have a prophesy there is a three-fold test:

1) Does what they say come to pass? If not, they are false.

2) If what they say does come to pass, are they encouraging us to follow after other gods? If so, they are false.

3) Whether or not what they say comes to pass or whether their theology is good or not is trumped by the fruit they bear. If they don't bear good fruit, they are false.

Here is a situation you will not have: they bear good fruit, what they said came to pass, they encourage you to follow Jesus biblically, but they are a false prophet. That doesn't happen. Neither does this: they bear bad fruit, what they say does not come to pass, they don't encourage you to follow Jesus biblically, but they are a true prophet.

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 Re: Opinions on Pastor Dana Coverstone regarding Sept through November?

I saw this video also. Personally, I do not know what to make of it. Having said that I do not think it takes a whole lot of common sense to know what will likely happen in the future with what is going on right now in our country. God always judges sin and when he will do this is the question we are facing.

If we study history we see many waves of anarchy that occur in the world. What is different with the current situation is that it is global - not sure that any nations is not at some level involved. This raises a lot of concern.

As for me, I will choose to live one day at a time and not worry about the future according to concepts shared in the book of Ecclesiastes.


Sandra Miller

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I don't know, either.

I think he is sincere, etc. I don't doubt the brother's heart. I wonder about his wisdom on these videos.

Let's be honest: The bible itself provides these warnings. Those with ears to hear and eyes to see (nothing mystical beyond the Lord's faithfulness to His people to enable understanding for the diligent student of the Word) can see what this brother warns for the church.

It would be far more helpful, in my view, if he came with a word born from study and prayer as opposed to dreams with debatable symbols that rely on his own impressions to explain. I believe he has the dreams. I also believe it is possible that these are God-given dreams and that he may ought to not divulge the dreams themselves but to let them inform him to go to the word. I firmly believe God tells his prophets what he's doing, but I don't assume that means go say to everyone exactly how He "tells" that in the Spirit. Whatever He does say you can be sure the Bible will be there to give it substance and accountability for understanding.

Seems like a very nice man, though.


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