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 Call for a Solemn Assembly (Friday, August 28 through Sunday, August 30)


Leonard Ravenhill: "God does not answer prayers; God answers desperate prayers."

Are we there? are you desperate for our nations future? for our Lord's kingdom work to be done in His power? For the revival the church needs? For His mercy and grace to help in such a time as this? Well, there is no other way to see this happen, but wrestle and prevail. Content with nothing less than for God to say to us, as His church, "thou hast power with God and with man and hast prevailed." Our very existence and safeguard to a future is dependent on it.

You are invited and ask to join us for such a moment in time. You are being asked to do the following:

1. Pray - not only to join us in these prayer times that shall be led by speakers, but to pray for these days and for those of the body of Christ to join. Pray for us and with us before we arrive together on August 28. And pray with us through the closing hour on August 30.

2. Promote - all the body are needed for these days. And you are being asked to share and help promote to your unique group of brothers and sisters in Christ, fellow prayer warriors and partners to join with us.

3. Participate - in this day, there is much busyness; but that which is absolutely needed, is a time to be before the Lord. With so much at stake, how can we not afford to take a few days to come together, to hear the Word, and respond to the Word in prevailing prayer? Join us and invite others to participate with us for these special days of prayer.

Where: facebook and youtube both have channels that we set up for our time together back in April; the live stream will be at these 2 locations for "A Call for A Solemn Assembly". Sessions will be saved and uploaded to pages following event.



When: Friday, August 28 through Sunday, August 30;

Friday - 6 - 9 PM (EST) - Dan Biser; Doug Small;
Saturday - 9 AM - 9 PM (EST) - Bill Elliff; Dai Sup Han; Bob Bakke; Edgar Reich; Dan Biser & John McGregor;
Sunday - 1 PM - 9 PM (EST) - Pierre Bynum; David Ford; Doug Small & Sammy Tippit;

"The hour is late, the need is great; pray so as to prevail."

This event is organized by Dan Biser, we are thankful to be able to promote what the Lord has laid on his heart. May God bless many with brokenness and renewed desire to follow the Lord in this dark day. God can still pour out revival.

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Joined: 2002/12/11
Posts: 37703
"Pilgrim and Sojourner." - 1 Peter 2:11

 Re: Call for a Solemn Assembly (Friday, August 28 through Sunday, August 30)

Below is the letter that we sent out and posted on facebook last night - "Why is There No Urgency?" We are set to host the live stream, "A Call for a Solemn Assembly II" this weekend. I am writing to ask of you to please join us in prayer as we prepare. Long has our prayers and heart cry been to see God Manifest Himself to His church; and to reach the masses in the nation for a spiritual awakening of salvation. In this hour, only God, can help us.
Live stream will be Friday at 6 PM (EST) - 9 PM; Saturday - 9 AM (EST) - 9 PM; Sunday - 1 PM (EST) - 9 PM; facebook page & youtube channel: A Call for a Solemn Assembly; Speakers are listed below to pray over.
Thank you to those that have prayed for us/me, helped promote, to those that will join us and to those that supported us with tech help, finances and encouragement. Our emphasis is "PREVAILING PRAYER". We will prevail or fail!
There are numerous other prayer moments coming up and we thank God for all these that are in our last hours of hope, to see God do what only God can do.
"The hour is late, the need is great, pray so as to prevail."

"And the Egyptians were urgent upon the people, that they might send them out of the land in haste; for they said, We be all dead men."

Our nation and the church is under severe judgement from the Lord. Too many dismiss the happenings of this day, and the current events as other means, chance, or accidental. But the Scripture and those that 'do know their God' know that HE has said, "I cause these things", "I will send these things". God is Sovereign in all the happenings of our day and time; HE is the same yesterday, today and forever. It is God that sent the plague of death into Egypt and all the firstborn died. And this major national crisis caused the Egyptians to fulfill God's desire all along, that they would let His people go so that God may bring them into the promised land, as He promised Abraham. God judged Egypt for 400 years of slavery of His chosen people, of butchering the children when they were born to control population and to impact those that were slaves, with the threats of their life. God judged them.

God is judging our nation. He has sent the plague; He has been judging us for decades through remedial judgements and through what has now become, EPIDEMICS. There were 9 plagues that came upon Egypt, and in all these Pharaoh hardened his heart against Moses and God. He refused to obey and chose to rebel against the power and the word of God. And then came that final judgement, the judgement of death. The judgement that changed the course of everything. That Pharaoh, who had hardened his heart against the Lord, now gave in to all the commands of Moses for the people of God. God has last say over everything.

Our nation has been on a continual spiral away from God for decades. God has sent remedial judgements to shake our nation, our people, and our circumstances to bring us back to Him. And even though some, may have had some affect in humbling us, it did not last long. And our latter response was worse than our former. We have continued to grow worse and worse against God. Everything is coming to a head. In the darkness, God may shine His marvellous light; but God may also extinguish all light for our nation and we will be removed from the earth, like other evil nation and people.

Everything is at stake right now. Everything is coming apart. And on this current trend, death, dying, destruction and desolation will be our present and future. The images of cities in riots, looting, crime, homicides, shootings, will hit every locale. Police and government will not be able to defend, nor stop the mobs, bent on serving themselves. They know this now, that they cannot be stopped, and they are willing to continue to press into all of our society. It will come to a head. And it will be a bloody, deadly conflict. It will be complete anarchy.

The church in the midst of this, will suffer immensely. Targeted, attacked, persecuted and blamed, any gathering will come with a costs. Every Christian will be targeted and sought after with their hateful, evil intent to take everything, including lives. Religious freedom will be no more. And every known advantage that we have had as a nation will be removed and we will be a hissing to all the world. How much more worse can it get than this?!

All means of survival of food, shelter, health, technology will be gone. It will be a society where the strong survive and the weak are preyed upon. It will be the worst nightmare for old and those left alone. And all this will have happened as the cause of our rebellion and hardness of hearts against the Lord. That darkness has not come, there is still time, and light. But it is the last moments, and we must labor to suit our circumstances. Herein is why I believe the Lord has called me to organize and assembly these speakers and this time to prayer so as to prevail.

It is the last hours, and the greatest need is for us to prevail. For what comes in the remaining 4 months of this year and into the new year will be unlike anything that we have ever seen. The happenings now are a clear picture of how bad it will become, unless God intervenes. And God only intervenes when His people pray. And they not just say prayer, but pray so as to prevail. Thus, our emphasis of these days of prayer is focused on this point, "PREVAILING PRAYER."

Why is there no urgency with all that we have seen and experienced? Why is there such a lethargy by the church to understand just how desperate we need to be to ask for God's intervention and Divine help. "Come boldly before the throne, to obtain mercy and find grace to help in this time of need." If ever there was a time, it is NOW! Yet, men go on to work, to sports, to normal life as if everything will self correct. It will not; only God can help us!

I send this word to you, to express to you my urgency for our nation and the state of the church. I plead with you to join us and gather as many as you can to cry out for His Divine help. For if we do not prevail, we fail for our nations future. God gives moments for a Divine response, will you respond rightly in this hour?

"A Call for a Solemn Assembly II"
August 28 - 30;
Live stream on facebook and youtube channels on pages for "A Call for a Solemn Assembly". Like and subscribe to these pages to receive and follow and share the live stream.
Friday evening 6 PM - 9 PM (EST);
Saturday - 9 AM - 9 PM (EST):
Sunday - 1 PM - 9 PM (EST);
Speakers - Doug Small; Bill Elliff; Dai Sup Han; Bob Bakke; Edgar Reich; John McGregor; Dan Biser; Pierre Bynum David Ford and Sammy Tippit;


Dan Biser

SI Moderator - Greg Gordon

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