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 The Law of Moses/ The law of God

There is a confusion concerning the law. Again, the law of Moses was fulfilled, the law of God is eternal.

10 Commandments

1. Is called the "royal law" James 2:8
2. Was spoken by God. Deuteronomy
3. Was written with the finger of
God. Exodus 31:18
4. Was placed in the ark Exodus
40:20, Hebrews 9:4
5. Is to "stand forever and ever."
Psalms 111:7,8
6. Was not destroyed by Christ.
Matthew 5:17,18

The Ceremonial Law

1. Is called "the law contained in
ordinances." Ephesians 2:15
2. Was spoken by Moses Leviticus
3. Was written by Moses in a book.
11 Chronicles 35:12
4. Was place in the SIDE of the
ark. Deuteronomy 31:24-26
5. Was nailed to the cross.
Colossians 2:14
6. Was abolished by Christ
Ephesians 2:15

Why is it break the fourth commandment and not the other nine? The feast days are optional - the law of Moses, the sabbath commandment is not.

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 Re: The Law of Moses/ The law of God

The Scriptures NEVER treat the 10 commandments as being somehow different from the rest of the Old Covenant. In fact, the 10 commandments fall under the category of "Law" e.g. Romans 7. You can find many of the ceremonial laws and such that are said to be forever and ever.

Btw, you have yet to deal with any verses in our discussions where Paul clearly teaches that Sabbath observance is entirely optional, and even tells the Galatians that they are fallen because they are observing such things.

Jimmy H

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