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 My take on wearing mask in the Church

Is wearing Mask in Church against our faith?
The most important thing about worship is not the place of worship but whether we worship in spirit and truth (John 4). I do not believe wearing a mask will prevent someone from worshiping in spirit and truth. Let us focus on worshipping in spirit and truth which our Lord seeks.

Is wearing Mask against my faith?
Wearing a mask is prevention before cure. Prevention is better. Taking a preventive step is not against our faith. Most of us take vaccines to prevent deadly diseases. I believe in taking those. I believe God can heal me through those miraculous drugs. Hence I and my children have taken it. I do not believe it is against my Christian faith.

Jesus himself took preventive actions. He did not walk in blind faith.
John 7-1:- After this, Jesus went around in Galilee. He did not want to go about in Judea because the Jewish leaders there were looking for a way to kill him.

Is this not a preventive action taken by Jesus? It is commonsense not to go to a place where people are trying to kill you. Jesus lived by commonsense whenever it was not against God's will. But when God wanted him to go Judea, he ignored his commonsense and went by faith.

It is commonsense to wear a mask to prevent a disease that people believe is still deadly. I will come to the topic of why I still believe covid19 is deadly.

Am I a weak Christian if I wear a mask?

I do not believe I am a weak Christian if I wear a mask. I wear a mask if asked to wear, but I still believe my life is completely under God's control. Wearing a mask does not prevent my faith or reduce my faith. Jesus believed that his life was completely in God's hand, he believed that if he jumps from Temple top God will hold him as it is written in the scripture, yet he chooses not to jump and test God. I too choose not to tempt God by not wearing Mask. How is it even weak faith?

What about a Church that emphasis on wearing masks?

I do not believe anything is wrong with a Church emphasizing it. Think about this scenario. If there are people in the CHurch who are (so-called) weak in faith, and they are not comfortable attending the Church because others are not wearing masks, then why should they be prevented from attending Church? Why should my freedom to sit unmasked, affect the other who is not comfortable meeting with me? Is not this (so-called) weak feathered person affected by my freedom to no wear mask? I would rather ask the Church to wear masks thereby preventing this (so-called) weak faith believers from dropping off from Church! I believe this is reasonable just like how Apostle Paul asks us to not eat meat if it disturbs others.

What is true freedom?

Freedom in Christ is freedom from sin. Freedom from the law of sin and death. Not freedom from a mask or anything. I know people who do not take vaccines by faith. I know people who do not visit doctors in faith. I know people who do not take any medication in faith. I respect them but I see God's hand in everything. I see God's hand in the medications that I get. Without God's approval, nothing can happen to me. I believe in it.

Regarding Covid19-

People here post that the Covid19 death rate probability is very low. I agree it has reduced its severity. But it was not always the same. A few months back it was very severe. Even young people with no medical history were admitted with multiple organ failure due to COVID. I got the first-hand reports from believers working in the emergency unit. I know for sure they are telling the truth. I too know people who barely survived and that too being young and healthy.

But the reason I believe the severity of Covid19 has reduced is, due to weather change. In summer and the countries with high temperatures and tropical weather, the virus had very less effect. But it still spreads though. If we do not take any precaution in controlling now, then in winter it will show its true color. This winter will be very deadly for the USA.

I wish I could be wrong but my take is based on the evidence I see. So let us take it seriously and do everything to prevent its spread but not in fear because God is still in control.


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