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 A right mind of obedience!

When you were formed in your mother's womb the Lord knew you. He gave you your mind of reason and it is your mind. It is not a possession of the devil. It is a gift of God to you and it is yours. God also called you to believe in His Son and through repentance to receive His life in Christ and to become a child of God. That choosing Christ when we are in a true conviction of sin - gives us the power to become the children of God.

Let God determine your course because He knew all of it before your father and mother even smiled upon each other and fell in love and out of their love for each other you were conceived in your mother’s womb. Let God direct your course and in rather the same way you were not able to choose your own father and mother, neither can you choose what obedience to God means according to God.

The course of God first means the soft hewn timber of the cross which we can easily see because upon that cross we see Christ by faith and we can see that He bore our sins and He shed His blood for our sins to take away the legal charge against our forefather, Adam, when he disobeyed God knowingly and wilfully.

Obedience also means to lay hold of the cross and to see that its acceptable face and mercy in Christ crucified for sin, also has a rough-hewn timber also. That rough-hewn timber is the part that we fear to lay hold of if we are in our natural minds because it speaks of the cross unto death. In all, it speaks of an end to our own lives. Until we see that, we will never understand how to cry out to God in a cry of great hope that we can serve Him even unto death, seeing that we also now know that Christ died for us, and to hear what He asks of us when He speaks ‘do you love Me?' and only then receive back to ourselves our wife, our children and our right mind of obedience.

 2020/8/3 19:19

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