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 Re: church discipline

About church discipline:
First we should try and define what a modern day "church" is.
This could be an interesting topic...

And a question to the forum and moderators:
Recently someone posted a link to a Islam website in one of the threads, "God works in mysterious ways" by Drifter
The link is still there ! Why is this ??
Edit: clarified which thread I mean

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You email the link to the user’s profile and Greg will remove it. I already sent him this one. Thanks for pointing it out.

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This story really bothers me - I can not get it out of my mind. It is so tragic on different levels - how could the dad be so powerless that would result in him caving in to his daughter's sin?


Then my aunt(actually, it was her husband that was my uncle, now deceased) died. Her oldest son wrote a beautiful piece, posting it on FB, about his mother and her parenting skills. Here is a quote: "You taught me to love God and to fear YOU if I didn’t." (Dave Schrock.) Been thinking about this: how is that children today run over their parents? Been thinking a lot about this....

Sandra Miller

Sandra Miller

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 Re: Pastor resignation- looking for input

"By the grace of God I did not have to deal with this regarding my own kids."

Before writing anything, the above statement holds true for myself. Because sin of/in any degree not manifesting in our own lives or the lives of our children, is but for the grace of God.

"Is there a way to love your child without affirming their choice? I know in theory it can be done but in practice I don’t know how it would work."

I think for me it might work this way;

Tears rolling down my face, on my face weeping before Almighty God on a regular basis, crying out for deliverance and salvation which He alone can give.

Not "jumping to affirm" this sin, or any sin for that matter, but speaking the truth in love. In love for the truth as well in love for their soul. To do less would be both a betrayal to God as well as their soul. It'd be a form of idolatry.

Yet I'd jump to their aid if I were called upon to do so. What I mean is that I'd be ready to bail them out so to speak, when I got a phone call. If they ever needed me in the midnight hour, I'd jump out of bed.

Jesus said, to love God with all our heart, mind, soul and strength. He also said, to love our neighbor as ourself. He also said, do unto others as you'd have them do unto you.

God Himself loves the just and the unjust by giving them both sunshine and rain. In such context I can be like God in my practically loving such persons. This extends even to my enemies, not just family members, friends, or those who love me.

Unless these words are more than merely words, you've not surpassed those pharisees to whom Jesus spoke.

Let us not love in word only, but in deed and in truth.

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I had read this thread when it first appeared but I didn't post because I have a tendency to stay away when I feel there's any kind of politicizing going on. Also in showing compassion for the people involved, someone might misconstrue that as being in agreement with sin and I'm not.

Reading about this father, pained my heart. I had a whole write up but instead I think fewer words is better. Things aren't always as black and white as some people may try to make them out to be. God sees in totality. We only see in part. At the very least this minister was of integrity in confessing and stepping down. Personally I don't think this father can see any thing or anyone but his baby girl. Everything he's doing is because he's not ready to let go and surrender her to God. I didn't go through this one, but as a parent of a prodigal, I really get it.

The beauty of it is that God knows exactly where this dad is at because He's a Father too (whew!). What this family is going through is a very deep thing. My heart goes out to them. While other people may gossip and abandon this family, that's not who God is. I wouldn't be so quick to write this family off. God is not like man and it's not over until He says it's over...Selah

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He and his wife just started an “open and affirming” church.


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Dear Jasmine,

Your post encouraged me a lot. Thank you for sharing, and I respect, appreciate and can identify with your conviction that less words are better at times.

Hearing your heart reminded me of my own mother’s faithful intercession and never “letting go” of my younger brother through decades of him wandering away (also different than this families particular issue).

There were times I was extremely frustrated how merciful and long suffering my mother was toward my prodigal brother, but you know what, my perception now is that she was exhibiting and aspect of Father’s character that transcended my understanding.

The good news in our story is that today my brother seems to be following after God in a more wholehearted way than I’ve ever seen. Such grace and mercy!

While our families story are not over yet, my faith is being strengthened, because like you said, God is not like man and it’s not over until he says it’s over. Praise Him!


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Your post has encouraged me...praise God! Having a revelation of The Father has made all the difference for me as the parent of a prodigal and how I view and interact with other saints who are suffering. Thank you for understanding what I was saying.

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