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 Choose LIFE......

What a cauldron we live in. And from all I can see, it's going to get worse as time goes along here. Much worse. So much so that folks will be begging for death. Others will cause their own death. Yet man will not repent.
I've tried so many things in the last year to distract myself from what I see ahead. But I simply cannot. The LORD won't allow it.

HE wants me to sound the alarm. Sadly, to most, even church people, I am little more than a pathetic public nuisance. I cannot go back to the religious strife. Very few want anything at all to do with me, because it won't take long until they come to understand that i'm not very interested in what they have to talk about, while we are facing sudden and certain alarm and crisis.

I often feel like I've left the 99, to search for the one. But that "one" is part of the flock. And finding the "one", is so very, very important to my LORD. But for the rest of the world? Well, the one found is very happy and grateful. But others? They seem to just shrug it off, if they notice at all.

I'm not looking for notoriety. I'm looking for hungry, lost lambs. Those lost in a sea of denominationalism and world GREED. Those held captive by their own lusts for pleasure and amusement. And those who have tried their best to please man, and realized that they too must walk alone, if they are to walk with HIM and serve HIM only.

There is only a remnant left, beloved. And I know I'm not the only one. I know some of you that are sprinkled across the globe. I love you. But we are all in this together. I am just as weak as you are, perhaps even worse, when it comes to saying no to this world and all it's glitz and glitter.

The LORD has just shown us, what happens to glitz and glitter. That is about to get worse, far worse, before it gets better. If you have been living for pleasure, amusement, greed, entertainment and immorality, you have nothing but emptiness ahead. Look at all of those type venues that have been shut down, when no one thought it even possible, just a few short months ago.

And look at all the denominationalism that has been brought to a screeching halt. That is not demonic activity. Oh no. That is DIVINE mercy, beloved. HE has bound up most of your "gods". And yet you still won't REPENT (turn from your sin and worldliness, to holiness and purity of living). Where is your excuse? You have served your gods, and not YEHOVAH. Look at how merciful HE has been, world wide. And yet you will not repent? What excuse will you offer come judgment day? Only TRUTH will remain on that great and terrible day. Will your sins be laid bare for all to see? Oh yes, most definitely, except you be born again into HIS family, and your sins expunged from DIVINE MEMORY, through the shedding of HIS own blood for you. Will you abandon all to enter into abundant life in HIM? Or will you go down with the ship of iniquity? The choice is yours to make. The warnings are ever present and clear. You are without excuse.

Deu_30:19 I call heaven and earth to record this day against you, that I have set before you life and death, blessing and cursing: therefore choose life, that both thou and thy seed may live:

Lahry Sibley

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