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 A season to weep

Brothers and Sisters,

I'm sure there may be reasons for a Christian to weep more than these below, but I ask you to consider these things that should cause sorrow in the hearts of God's people during times like these:

Weeping for the sins or corruption or judgment of a nation

Weeping for the loss of natural life

Weeping for the loss of spiritual life for billions dimly created in the image of God.

Weeping for the sin of the Bride of Christ who is recreated in the clear image of God.

Weeping for the lack of love and the prevailing disunity in the body of Christ

Weeping until Christ is formed in the people of God.

Weeping for the delay in the coming of Christ

Weeping for the profaning of God's name in heaven and earth by sin, especially when it is profaned to the nations by the disobedience of God's people.

Might I suggest that the last reason to weep is perhaps the greatest reason to weep ? Where our tears are is where are heart is. This is not to diminish tears and prayers for anguish over any of these other things but to insure that we have a God honoring and God centeredness to our mourning at the present.

As we lift our eyes higher, we find greater reasons to weep than the reasons in our immediate surroundings. Our weeping for God's glory to fill all the heavens and earth is by far God's greatest grief until it happens. All that profanes His name and glory in the earth is worthy of great grief, anguish or prayer and tears. We should share God's heart in all these matters of grief or anguish to Him.

Hallowed be His Name. Mankind and the Church were created to reflect His glory. One will not. The other must.


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 Re: A season to weep

Amen and Amen Brother..


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