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Discussion Forum : Scriptures and Doctrine : Undeserved Grace deservedly lost. A simple forgotten truth

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 Undeserved Grace deservedly lost. A simple forgotten truth

You receive grace (the life of Jesus) as and to the degree that you stay closely connected to Jesus the Vine. You stay closely connected to Him so long as you obey Him. If you don’t obey, then you are less connected to the Vine that is Jesus and you lose out on His life flowing in you and through you.

Grace, power, joy, wisdom, Abundant Life and answered prayer flow into and through an obedient branch. A disobedient branch has less and sometimes much less of His Life.

You cannot earn grace because of obedience but you sure can lose it because of disobedience.

This is the teaching of John 15 and 1 John 1.

You must forgive to receive forgiveness. You must love to know love. You must share Christ to share in Christ. You must give to receive. You must become like and live like Christ in order to have Christ truly be your life.

You must walk as He walked in order that He walks in you.

We have the Spirit manifested in us for a critical purpose....... To obey Jesus. manifest Spirit. No life. The flesh disobeys Jesus and sin thereby gives corruption and death. The Spirit obeys Christ and gives life.

To be a Christian must at least mean that Jesus is alive in you and that His life flows through you. Otherwise our faith is dead. If we obey, it proves our faith is alive and Christ through such faith filled obedience, lives through us.

Find by the Spirit’s help the disobedience in you and you will uncover the source of corruption and death working in you.

Nobody will like this but it is Scriptural.... If men fail to honor their wife as an equal sister in Christ no matter what she does and even though she is the weaker vessel, then
our prayers are hindered. Men can for sure pray 24 hours a day, but the 24 hours of prayer will have no power because of our disobedience. Likewise, if wives don’t love and respect their husbands the way
the church loves and honors Jesus, then their prayers, no matter how long or zealous they are, will have no power.

If we have offended our brother or sister, Jesus says don’t even bother bringing your offerings and sacrifices of praise etc., to the altar ( or the throne). First, go make things right with the offended party in obedience and then come to Jesus at the altar. I honestly don’t think the church believes Jesus was serious about this.

We can go to the throne of grace to receive help in times of need, but apparently the way is hindered or the grace is not readily available until we have obeyed in at least some very important areas of life. Our fellowship with the Spirit and our communion with Jesus is where His life is produced. Disobedience stands in the Way.


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