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 The “Cancel Culture” is in the house

Dear Saints,

The time Paul spoke about when men will no longer forebear sound teaching has not only entered the house, it is gaining greater and greater acceptance.

It has become more apparent that Paul was given divine revelation when he foresaw what we are facing. “Alternative understanding” is being sought to traditionally sound teaching. Those who advocate for same sex approval can not forebear the sound teaching that same sex activity is abhorrent to God. They are turning their ears away from the hearing of the truth and heaping to themselves teachers who are more sensitive to the pain caused by teaching certain traditionally held biblical truth.s. Fortunately for them, there are an increasing number of enlightened teachers who are discovering alternative views. This suits the homosexual very well and they are greatly encouraged to find an increasing number of Christians who are open to embracing their way of life.

Have we stopped to consider what elements of doctrine are so unappealing to those no longer willing to forebear sound teaching? Is God loving and saving all men too difficult to accept? Is embracing all religions as genuine a reprehensible thought?

What is it about sound teaching that becomes unacceptable to the hearer? Paul said it was a matter of not suiting their own personal desire. That, U can understand. It makes sense to me why two people living together outside the covenant of marriage do not want to hear teaching about fornication. It also makes sense to me why a Christian with a relative who openly disbelieves the Bible or the existence of God would not want to hear teaching about eternal torment. It made sense to the apostle Paul and it made sense to our Lord also.

Jesus loved the world, but the world hated Him without reason. He explained that the reason the world hated Him was because He testified that its deeds were evil. This was still no reason to hate Him, because His words were not His own. He only spoke the words His Father gave Him. He was only the messenger, not the original sender. There was no reason to hate Him, it was the Father all along.

This is what Jesus tried to prepare His disciples for. Since the world hated Him for speaking the words of His Father, they will hate us for the same reason. In fact, all men, and all nations will hate us for the same reason.

Sadly, this hatred is now “in the house.” Cancel culture has arrived even within the church family. Faithfully repeating the words of the Father will get one labeled “conservative”, “traditional”, legalistic, homophobic, intolerant, narrow minded, etc.

What Paul said would happen HAS!


Alan and Dina Martin

 2020/6/24 6:46Profile

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 Re: The “Cancel Culture” is in the house

I'm of the opinion that many who have risen in the church and are now teaching these unorthodox doctrines were never really of the church in the first place though they confessed to be. If the Holy Ghost is truly residing in a believer because of the new birth then it is impossible to be at peace teaching these things. The Spirit within them, or supposedly within them, will automatically bear witness that they are doing the wrong thing. But you have to have the Spirit first.

A counterfeit harlot church is not beginning to form but is well advanced in its formation at this point, In my opinion anyway. It will align itself with political entities and the two aligned together will eventually persecute that which is born of the Spirit. Just wait, we have hardly seen anything yet.

David Winter

 2020/6/24 15:03Profile

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