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Discussion Forum : Miracles that follow the plow : COVID-19, The Accuser vs THE KING

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 COVID-19, The Accuser vs THE KING

I am now on oxygen recovering from COVID-19 and pneumonia. I wrote a little “poem” describing the mind battles with the accuser. I’ve been in ministry for several years now, but it didn’t stop the Accuser from taking advantage of a most vulnerable moment to try to undermine my faith. I hope that my experience can make you see that The Accuser never gives up on ANY of us in a moment when he can pull out his arsenal. Also how that the right word at the right moment anointed from Heaven can knock his sand castles to the ground.

The healing that God is giving to me has made me more desperate to cry out for the healing of our land. What God is doing for individuals all over the country He can do for the country itself and restore life to our dying world!

#19, The Accuser vs THE KING

I had a ‘bout with that number 19 thang.
They said thousands are dying. It’s taking their lives.
Some get hit mildly. Some don’t survive.
Then the real enemy gets in the ring.
That old Accuser of the brethren shouting his thing:
“It’s over now dude. Remember all the wrongs that you have done!
You just thought you been doing good … Now I’m havin’ fun”
So the temperature spiked. I could live with that a few days.
Then the breathing was so hard… can’t hardly move… without losing my breath…
It’s hospital time: June 8th. ER all day. Finally a bed is released late that night.
COVID-19 with pneumonia. Ya gotta stay.
Now the Accuser is having fun:
“You know God’s done with you now! You been wastin’ his time!
They’re having your funeral… just a matter of time”.
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday… warfare in the head.
“I’m probably really soon gonna be dead.”
Then Saturday morning at 10:08 a call from an Uncle so dear. My dear old Sunday School teacher now giving me cheer.
“God’s not done with you yet! He needs lights in this dark world and you’re shining brightly!”
BOOM a punch in the mouth of the Accuser, a big DINT!
His teeth were knocked out. His face was bent.
All I could say was “I love you Uncle Clint!”
With that death blow in the morning, assurance hit home.
You’re not gonna die! God from His throne has decreed for you life!
Then that evening around 6:15, the call before the healing that bombed that room.
My sister called with my brother in law, and my Dad and my mom.
We talked about my condition and many other things.
Although I knew of many many others praying and fasting for me, they mentioned even others who were faithfully entering their plea.
20 minutes we talked, conversation routine, when the phone went click, then the MIRACLE thing!
I shouted as loud as my voice could take it: HALLELUJAH! HALLELUJAH!
Nurses came running in “are you alright? Is everything OK?”
“Just worshipping God!!!!!” I had to give Him praise.
The Holy Ghost came down, I was speaking in tongues.
Room 440 was now The Upper Room, and the Fire was falling. No more Mr. Gloom!!!
When the fire subsided, there in that bed, and I then had a very very clear head.
Somehow I knew that COVID was over. In the next few days, the temp went away.
I’m in recovery mode now, and folks I’M HERE TO STAY! For a while anyway.

Michael Strickland

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 Re: COVID-19, The Accuser vs THE KING


David Winter

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 Re: COVID-19, The Accuser vs THE KING

Praise Jesus!


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Dothan, Alabama


Amen 🙏🏻😇
Thank you for sharing this message of hope and Gods faithfulness!


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 Re: COVID-19, The Accuser vs THE KING

Praise the Lord! God is good, all the time...

Ron Halverson

 2020/6/22 19:57Profile

Joined: 2008/5/23
Posts: 622
Monroe, LA - USA


All I can say is that God has been SOOOO good to me!!!! I don't deserve any of His loving favor but I SOOO appreciate that he is daily giving me better lung capacity. I am still on the oxygen... but I'm getting my lungs back! I am eternally grateful to My Loving Heavenly Father!

Michael Strickland

 2020/6/22 21:25Profile

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