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Discussion Forum : Articles and Sermons : Scott Hynds " Should The Church Align Itself With The Black Lives Matter Movement "

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 Re: brother Michael

No offense was taken nor did I believe you intended as much .
These are matters that stir the passion of people and that my dear brother is something of a gift. In matters of discussion there is no argument with me and simply to honesty express ourselves without a “cloak” of pretense, wether it be “Christian” or not, is to maintain peace and unity and that is a win in itself, no?

Mostly we (Christians) work really hard to be on the “good side” of the wrong tree... in our work, our studies, relationships, etc... but that is the wrong tree (knowledge GvE) and not the way of Christ.
“Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God” .... this is the fruit of the tree of Life. Just as our physical man needs bread so to our spiritual man must eat or else be malnourished or worse. This mana from heaven is Jesus Himself. The word made flesh in us, when we receive directly from the Father and mix this grace with the action of faith we can then walk with/in the spirit and keep up because we are receiving spiritual food daily :) Holy Spirit the person (not a force to posses and command) is remarkably responsive and when we feast on the word it’s as if it polarizes us and His word in us (as spiritual nourishment) responds almost magnetically to Holy Spirit helping us, reminding us of His person and presence. I’ve noted when I acknowledge His presence and the fact He can see me, it helps to clear the air of my focus on myself and reorients me to the kingdom of God. And gracious brother, I can assure you there is not only no health crisis, there is also assuredly no pandemic in the Kingdom of God 🙏🏻
Ours is the ministry of reconciliation, so let us invite, beseeching all who will to come into His Kingdom and partake by faith of the victory Christ won on the cross and being resurrected He is alive and is here with us right now in Spirit :) let’s share Him 😇


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