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Isa 26:3 Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on thee: because he trusteth in thee.

I was listening to another brother this morning, and he used this text. Oh how POWERFUL this word is from Isaiah.

In a time where the whole world seems like it has been shaken to the foundation, by perceived danger that is beyond the "sight" of the eye. We cannot see viruses. Yet we are told about them by those who study them and observe them microscopically, as well as the affects they have on mankind.

Now people are waking up and realizing that the voices they have been listening too are NOW WORTHY OF OUR TRUST!

Oh aren't you glad, that YEHOVAH is WORTHY of our TRUST!!! AMEN! I am. And in all of this, I have kept my mind STAYED ON HIM. I have watched very little "news". I've been away from "news addiction" for many years now. Why? Because the "news media" have broken the TRUST afforded them because they have erred from the TRUTH.

TRUST must be supported by TRUTH. And there is only ONE who is worthy of our TRUST. HE and HE alone is the fountain of ALL TRUTH. We can depend on HIM completely, to be worthy of our trust, because HIS TRUTH is as sure as 2 + 2 = 4. We know that this simple equation is unchangeable, no matter man's opinion on the matter. The PROMISE and TRUTH of our CREATOR, are just a FIXED in HIS creation, as is the MATH that defines it.

TRUTH never changes. The words of the ungodly, are ever changing. Truth is spoken exactly the same way every time. Whereas a lie is ever changing.

If your mind is stayed on the voices of men who proclaim deception and are paid well to do so, your mind is NOT STAYED ON HIM.

So which are you? A person of perfect peace? Or a person whose heart is full of fear and unrest? Worry, anxiety? Is that who you are? How is that working for you? Perhaps you have fixated your mind on other than YEHOVAH and HIS TRUTH. his WORD is TRUTH.

People are praying everywhere. Preachers are calling everyone to pray. PRAY FOR WHAT? They pray for their health, and their wealth. They pray that they will not lose what they have worked so hard to acquire, when what they have worked for, will be of little to no value at all come judgment day.

People are praying that they will not lose their "luxury glut" that they have been basking in most of their lives. Comfort, pleasure, amusement, and entertainment ARE THEIR "gods". And they are sick at their stomach, afraid that this monster they have created called "government", WILL TAKE FROM THEM all of these resources for the consumption of their greed and lust. Oh they talk about tribulation alright, as if it is yet in some far off generation of the future. Or they talk about the injustice of being taken out of any threat of tribulation. They don't dread the fires of HELL. They dread TRIBULATION HERE AND NOW. So they have managed to comfort themselves (oh how they love that word comfort), in a theological mythology concept called "rapture before tribulation". And because it so appeals to the flesh and it's lust for luxury, this false teaching has permeated most, but not all, of what is called "christianity".

We are entering in a time of trouble. A time where most people in the USA, Europe, and Australia have never experienced nation wide tribulation are about to be plunged into it. The governments of this world have set the trap and now it is being sprung. They have worked long and hard to ensnare everyone in the trap of technology and internet dependency. Commerce simply has no back up plan any longer. All transactions, both scientific and commercial, are piloted via the internet. The internet has become the go to resource of information on virtually any subject a man can think of. But it has also become the pathway of commercial transactions. It operates by "the golden rule". That is, "the ones who have the gold, make the rules". And the rules are changing faster than one can imagine. If you don't play by the rules, then you will be cut off from the resources you guard so carefully.

Aren't you glad that HAYAH never changes? HE NEVER CHANGES. I'm not worried about what will happen to my body or my comfort. My mind and my trust, is STAYED ON HIM. I am fixated on HIS promises and HIS power. And by HIS mercy and grace, I shall not be moved. My hope is as sure to me, as 2 + 2 = 4. It is that simple. It is that solid. It is that CERTAIN. Because my CREATOR and REDEEMER is unchangable in a world of quick sand and destruction.

We are entering into a time of great trouble. Oh you haven't seen anything yet, my friends. This is only a hint of what is about to unfold before US. You and I. Man will patiently endure inconvenience, when put upon slowly to do so. But when man gets hungry, you shall find out what he/she is really made of. Especially, when the hungry are armed. You are about to see a loss of morality you never imagined possible. SUDDENLY it has come upon you. SUDDENLY everything has changed. People are in a drift for lack of direction and assurance. They have turned to any and everyone who offers and explanation of it all. Everyone except..... HAYAH.

If you see the bud of a flower, you are certain a flower is sure to follow as it matures. As certain as you are of that, so be certain that what is to follow, is nothing compared to the bud you see presently. The powers that be will crush the heart and flesh of anything and any one that stands in their way. And this will continue until the LORD returns. For HE alone has the power to stop this insanity and save mankind from complete self destruction. Believe it! ...or not!

Is your heart kept in perfect peace? No? Have you considered that the cause of your unrest, is the focus of your attention? (Psalm 1) It just may be that the words of ISAIAH are truly inspired after all. Your heart trembles with fear deep within, because deep down, you know HIS word is true, and every man a liar. Maybe you should begin listening to HIM, rather than man. Amen? Amen.

Lahry Sibley

 2020/5/21 9:12Profile

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Jos Nigeria


Thanks Lahry for the wonderful exhortation. The text is Indeed a wonderful promise in these trying times. It reminds us that we belong to another society all together. A place where the dictates and circumstances of this world has no effect on us, only what our Lord allows. I'm am encouraged. thanks again.

Emmanuel Luka

 2020/5/22 6:54Profile

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