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Hi Oracio,
An antibody test is not a test to see if a person has covid,its a test to see if they had covid.Its only use is that it gives a very good idea how many of the population had covid.
So antibody tests are only a medium long term fact finding excercise.
The US has also the best test and most reliable covid test in the world hands down in the ABBOTT 5 MIN TO 13 MIN test .
China has been sending dodgy equipment around the world for the last 10 years ,alot of it is cheap poor quality rubbish ,their is nothing new in that why should be different when it comes to medical equipment.China was the only place that was in high production because of the original outbreak and their was a massive bidding war between countrys to get masks at the start ,California had no choice but to source where ever they could.
Cholera as I said is a totally different animal than Covid,Cholera is not spread by coughing or sneezing ,Cholera is spread by water or food ,not person to person .Your assumption that Spurgeon knowing that he could spread covid would then go on ministring is way of the mark .To me you are being misled to a certain degree.I have watched people on SI for years being hyped up by martyrdoom ,by the siege mentality and by the longing for persecution where the Church has to go underground in the US(which never seems to come).Then when the US gets a president that shares the Christian values they are still at it and cant embrace the good things happening.This is nothing to do with being mislead .Governments had to make a decision and the safest option was mitigation and lockdown rather than the untried herd immunity which isnt working at all for Sweden despite people saying it is.3000 Deaths compares to Norway 215 deaths with half the population.We all have our thinking caps on but its important not to over think a simple situation ,staff

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 Re: On Statistics

Brothers, just my thought on statistics and science. Many Christians with minimal knowledge of science and math, think that science is so specific in what it says. Actually science does not say anything only scientists say based on their scientific experiments and observations. 2 different scientists can observe a same test result and can come to 2 different interpretation of it. So just because there is a scientific test or a scientific claim, things are not definite.

Statistics is also something similar, we can see a data and interpret it in multiple way. The well known example of a half filled bottle which can be seen as half empty or half full. And both are correct.

So COVID19 numbers and thoughts can be interpreted in so many ways. One can look into COVID19 numbers in USA and say that even with lockdown the numbers are high. One can also look into Sweden and say that lockdown does not affect the count as their numbers are very low. So just looking into numbers we cannot confidently say anything.

My stand on this issue is neutral. While I understand social distancing is needed, I also understand that economy should be protected as well. So many daily wage earners are affected especially in developing countries.

I have got reports from my church brothers and sisters who work in hospitals directly facing the patients. They say that this infection is serious. Many healthy people even relatively younger are suddenly having multiple organ failures and no one knows why COVID19 is causing this. One reason is the sudden reduction in oxygen level in the body for which each body reacts differently. I trust such reports because these brothers and sisters are not having any reason to lie.


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You are right in saying that statistics can be interpreted a variety of ways.

However, look at the links I posted or commented on, especially that article where 43 people got sick. Look at how they are using the numbers--they are manipulating them to paint an untrue picture.

The article says that 43 people got sick at this church function. 10 tested positive for COVID. They write it like people spread the virus; however, it is so obvious that these people didn't catch COVID from each other.

Not all the statistics are bad. However, there is a right way to interpret data and a wrong way. Many, many times, the data is being manipulated and presented in series of half-truths. The picture that is painted is not what is real.

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Hi Sree,
I dont agree on statistics not being accurate or important but they can be manipulated .The old saying lies,damn lies and statistics!

Lets be clear Sweden 10 million pop is a basket case at the moment 3000 dead compares to Norway 5 million pop its neighbour with 215 dead .So the Swedes count is not low.
The reason why governments went with mitigate and lockdown is that you are gaurenteed results versus the herd immunity approach which you may or may not get results and is a big gamble.
your qoute
One can also look into Sweden and say that lockdown does not affect the count as their numbers are very low.

I totally agree with your Christian hospital workers this is not a hoax and real people are dying because of Covid and it certainly not the Flu,Fair comment over all staff

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To be fair with Oracio,
Its obvious alot of deception is going on too on things like the effective drugs like in the link below .These drugs are being down played just because they are being reccomended by the President,This can only be described as evil,

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