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 US COVID and abortion stats 2020

US COVID deaths 2020 - 53,934.

US abortion terminations 2020 - 228,440.

Ironically and profoundly heart rending!

David Winter

 2020/4/26 10:45Profile

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 Re: US COVID and abortion stats 2020

It's so disgraceful. Ib wouldn't want to be those 'doctors' on the day of the Lord.

I was contemplating recently how God designed sex and how he designed it to be so intimate and vulnerable and how microscopic sperm and an egg interact and amongst those two cells the building blocks of life come together and in that DNA exists the information about ones hair colour, body traits, cognitive abilities and temperament. How one can't recognise sex as precious and the intricate design of child formation is beyond me. Instead people squander it and kill babies out of inconvenience, allowing others to profit from murder. It makes me mad.

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