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Dothan, Alabama

 Happy Easter 馃檹馃徎馃帤馃槆

What an awesome God!
The day death was defeated and the light of hope came to a world where darkness had reigned, Jesus being clothed and crowned with an incorruptible life was sat on high for all, who would, to see...
The Risen King of Majesty 馃檹馃徎馃槆

We above all men should rejoice!
For our God is mighty to save and called us unto eternal life, to (by faith) partake of His divine life, receiving the end of our hope, the salvation of our souls :))))

Thank you Lord for your mercy, for your love and for the gift of your life 鈥硷笍
That we may know you, the one true and living God +

Happy Easter brothers and sisters and rejoice for our Lord and King has risen!


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 Re: Happy Easter 馃檹馃徎馃帤馃槆

HAPPY EASTER. I believe it's good to celebrate this special season of His life death and resurrection for us.

David Keel

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 Re: Happy Easter 馃檹馃徎馃帤馃槆

Happy Easter To All. May we continue to celebrate the Risen Christ everyday, like we do today. Praise Jesus!


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 Re: Happy Easter 馃檹馃徎馃帤馃槆

YES !!!
He is RISEN!!! ....
And is ALIVE forevermore!!!

Romans 8:34 (KJV)
[It is] CHRIST that died, yea rather, THAT IS RISEN AGAIN, who is even at the right hand of God, who also maketh intercession for us.
John 1:17 (KJV)
[Grace and Truth ( The Spirit/The Word) came by this man, Jesus, who is Risen.)

鈥淔or the law was given by Moses, [but] grace and truth came by Jesus Christ.鈥
And IF this Grace is not rejected, He will come in and sup,.. eat at His table,.. w/us.....
and we can get to KNOW HIM, ... (and this is Life Eternal)
Then continuing,..
Grace, more Grace O鈥橪ord !

Thank you Brother Fletcher for wonderful post this morning..


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 We died with Him and were raised AS HIM!!!

Today is the day we celebrate Christ's Resurrection
We died with Him and were raised AS HIM!!!
Let that Truth sink in


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"Pilgrim and Sojourner." - 1 Peter 2:11

 Re: We died with Him and were raised AS HIM!!!

We died with Him and were raised AS HIM!!!

Amen let us live in reality of these days 365 days a year. Christ in us the hope of glory.

SI Moderator - Greg Gordon

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Beneath the weight of all our sin
You bowed to none but heaven鈥檚 will
No scheme of hell
No scoffer's crown
No burden great
Can hold You down
In strength You reign
Forever let Your church proclaim

O death, where is your sting?
O hell, where is your victory?
O church, come stand in the light
The glory of God has defeated the night
O death, where is your sting
O hell, where is your victory
O church, come stand in the light
Our God is not dead
He's alive! He's alive!

Ron Halverson

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Dothan, Alabama

 Re: brother Greg

鈥 We died with Him and were raised AS HIM!!! 鈥

Does the Bible actually say that?
I鈥檝e been looking,... I have found passages that are 鈥渟imilar鈥 but none that say that- We were already raised AS JESUS ?? 馃槼
Most of the scriptures I鈥檓 finding that are similar have a pesky condition...

Greg can you help me to understand this?

Thank You 馃檹馃徎


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Amen! Jesus IS the resurrection and the life everyday. May we live it out Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday & Sunday!

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