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 Where is God? by Paul Ravenhill

The earth has been shaken before,
but in our collective memory the greatest disruptions,
and the wars, have been man generated.

I fear that at this time we are seeing God Himself taking measures:
Perhaps we are seeing God Himself, the One who has all things under His control, allowing what is taking place.

Have we not felt for a long time that something had to shake the world and the church?
His people, which are called by His name, have not humbled themselves, and prayed, and sought His face, and turned from their wicked ways;
so, He didn't forgive their sins, and cannot heal their land... and the world does not have a chance with a church in this state.
God has taken measures against a generation whose Pride and Self-sufficiency has risen up against all that God has set forth as the only Path of Life.

We have nations and societies who see their fluctuating morals as a path for the world to follow;
nations who see themselves as destined to rule the world.
And we have those who see themselves as capable and necessary to direct other nations.

This time the politicians have no answers,
and the best solution they can come up with is to "get out of the way"
and hunker down until things get better.
Entire nations are trying to close their doors to the rest of the world,
all is affected from the schools, to the workplace, to the markets.

Can it be that in the churches we have those who see themselves as appointed to show the way,
calling themselves "prophets"
they didn't see the beginning of it,
and are now telling us they know the end of it?...really???

Pride is a lifting up of oneself to a place beyond his attaining.
Pride always ends badly, whether in the church or in the world.

An old prophet's word from thirty years ago resounds within me today,
but church and society are not yet ready to hear it.

Every crisis marks an end and a beginning.
"Each age is an age that is dying, or one that is coming to birth."

We can't go back to yesterday -
the safety and the peace of yesterday is no more.
Predictability is no more.
We cannot plan when the future is unknown.

One looks at those books of the Bible which focus on the unseen, spiritual causes,
and one sees an overarching Purpose of the God Who fills all in all.
Ezekiel seventy times says that "they shall know that I am the Lord."
John says, "these are written that ye might believe that Jesus is the Christ" (Jn. 20.31)

Beyond the collapse of man's attainments, and man's pride, God abides.
And His purpose, and His kingdom must prevail.

God has all the answers to all our life's needs.
As we commit ourselves to God,
with all that we have,
and all that we are,
with all the intensity of the Life which He has put within us

He will be found of us.

PS. Maybe now is the time we need to learn about "strong crying and tears."
(Heb. 5.7)


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