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 Happy campers!

So a very dear friend of mine whom I go to church with has had some health problems along with his wife also having problems related to her heart. We prayed for them, especially him, during the service Sunday before last. He has been diagnosed with highly probable cancerous polyps in his prostrate. The doctor said there was probably about a 87% chance these polyps (spelling correct?) were malignant. My friend was in pain and passing blood etc. The doctor had a biopsy done where a bit of this tissue was removed and examined kore closely. He and his wife were at the doctors on the same day and she was told she had serious problems and needed more serious tests done. Well, we prayed at church Sunday before last and my friend took the microphone and said that there is power when saints gather together in unity like this and pray. Everyone laid hands on him and her. Not long after he came by my place and spoke with me at length and said he was having trouble concentrating etc. and was trying to maintain faith. He said God can do exceeding abundantly above all we can ask or think and the greatest miracle he could receive was for the doctor to give him a report that the tissue examined proved to be non malignant in spite of the doctor's insistence it appeared as if indeed it was. I had a sense that was what was going to happen as I remembered the sense of victory in the air when we prayed for them at church.

He just got a report that the polyps don't appear to be malignant and are just infected etc. The doctor was very halting when he spoke to my friend Reggie and seemed to be at a loss for words. He didn't quite understand what had occurred. My friend had to pull it out of the baffled doctor. He said, "Doctor, you can go ahead and tell me the news." The news turned out for Reggie to be exceeding abundantly above all that he could ask or imagine!

After further testing, his wife also got a exceedingly good report from the doctors that exceeded all of her expectations and was contrary to all previous diagnoses. The news to her was not just good but very good. She is not nearly as sick as they were convinced she was.

My friend is nearly 70 years old and he's acting like a giddy youngster. And his wife of near the same age is also. He keeps reciting, "When the Lord turned again the captivity of Zion we are like those who dream."

If I'm lyin' I'm dying. I haven't exaggerated an iota!

Please capture for serious examination and rethinking the memo that has been passed around saying the Lord does not do these types of things anymore.

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 Re: Happy campers!

Wonderful testimony, the Lord can do the impossible, nothing is too hard for Him!

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 Re: Happy campers!

Praise the Lord!
Amazing what a lil faith can do 😉🙏🏻


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