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 Re: King Jimmy

Where on earth did you ever get a screen name like that? lol.

You are so correct. Why? Because Jesus said that when the Holy Spirit comes, He would speak of Jesus. Jesus would be the center of all when the latter rain falls. Jesus will be the center of all when the tribulation ends. Jesus will be the center of all through most of the millenium. Jesus will be the center of all for all eternity.

If your ministry is of God, that is by the power of the Holy Spirit, you will testify of Jesus and His love for all man. Accept no substitutes.

 2005/7/17 8:53

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 Re: Lucky

Lucky, We are all so blessed to have Lahry in our midst to not only to point us to Scriptures at the appropriate places but to teach wisdom.

I am like him in that I got to know Christ late in life (47) so that even though I have spent the last 10 years studying the Bible, it is too late for me to learn it chapter and verse -- something you can do -- and oh what edification for yourself and others. I hope there will be readers as young as you are who are reading this and come to understand the privilege of starting this journey young. As Lahry suggested, starting early means you wont be picking up so much "junk" along the way. Bad habits is baggage you dont want to have to carry.

Lahry is also right that it takes time to study the Bible. We cant be mothers and fathers of Isreal in a year. Also,When you know how to read the Bible correctly, you not only get it right about the most important question/s in life but you understand all literature. You see, everything is about Him. I envy the time you have infront of you to do all that.

 2005/7/17 14:25Profile

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