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Joined: 2020/2/12
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 Markus is back again...

A few years ago I was a member on this site as "markuskiwi".Some of the regulars might still remember me...
It was good to have a good clean break for a while. But recently I decided to join again - and here I am.
Hope to learn a bit more and to make some helpful and biblical contributions, "deo gloria" - to the Glory of God.

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 Re: Markus is back again...

Welcome back.

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"Pilgrim and Sojourner." - 1 Peter 2:11

 Re: Markus is back again...

Hello brother,

May the Lord bless you in all interactions here that they may bring you closer to the Son of God in life and conduct. May Chirst be glorified in all things.

Great to have you.

SI Moderator - Greg Gordon

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 Re: Markus is back again...

Always appreciated your posts markuskiwi 😊
Glad you are back.

L Young

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Joined: 2020/2/12
Posts: 79


Thank you for the replies
A bit of an update where I'm at and what I have learnt.
I'm glad I discovered the "old fashioned " way again while I was away, reading Scripture, praying, be alone with God. I'm also thankful that I found a new Congregation with good Christ centered teaching and fellowship. Something that can't be replaced with all the electronic social medias etc.

I still believe in "sola scriptura" and to search and know Scripture.Already Paul warned of false teachers and false Gospels etc. And in the days we live in discernment is even more important.
The Gospel is paramount with the risen Lord at the highest place.The Lord can not be downgraded or sidelined !
I will try and not get too involved with discussions about -ism and -ology etc.

Electronic medias can be a benefit if used wisely and in moderation.
Will give it another try ;)

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