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 TO HIS FEET by Eric Gilmour

“Come let us worship and bow down,

Let us kneel before the Lord our God our maker

For He is our God

And we are the people of His pasture

And the sheep of His hand.”

-Psalm 95:6-7

Never has there been an invitation so regal, so blessed, so sublime and majestic. Reaching to the ends of the earth the Psalmist calls out, “Come one and all to the feet of Jesus.” If a commander summons a solider, he will respond immediately. His response is his honorable duty. If a king beckons a servant, he will approach him with fear and readiness. His response is his service to the king. If a manager seeks to gather his employees, they obey. Their response is to maintain their pay. The call from Christ? So much more. Higher than the earth below is the call from above. Our response is not out of duty, service or wages but rather the announcement of Heaven’s Endless Treasury. Where else is heaven?

It is not merely streets of gold or mansions prepared by angels. It is not just pearly gates and the sight of saints and loved ones. It is Christ Himself. Our bliss is Him. Beneath Him. Low in adoration. “Come” is a clarion call to draw nigh and nearer still. For only those who are near know His worth. A man may see the glisten of a diamond from a distance and think it to be 50, 70, 100 karats. In drawing closer to it notice it to be a mere sliver of glitter upon the ground. Christ is not so. Christ Himself is beyond measurable value for His beauty is ever increasing before us. The closer we come to Him the more glorious we see Him to be. The more we come to know Him the more perfect we know Him to be. Like two magnets, the closer we come to Him the greater we are pulled towards Him.

Therefore our text excites us, “Let us worship.” How marvelous of an exhortation! He cries, “avail such privilege.” Let it not pass you by. To cast the winning lottery ticket into the garbage is foolish. To reject the gift of a private island is unwise. Yet far more of a tragedy would it be for a man to turn even the slightest coldness towards such an insurmountable invitation to bow and see, to lay and adore. It is our rightful pleasure to worship Him. Gazing, we set our love upon Him in heart melting attentive adoration. Oh reader! Let us bow low and lower still, for there is none higher or more deserving of prostration. There is no higher place in heaven than at His feet. We must sink our entire self in offering unto His majesty. We humans have nothing of significance to offer the Ancient of Days and originator of all creative life and beauty. Oh but our hearts! We have this to give. You say, “my heart is wicked and dark. It is cracked and broken. I am not sure it works anymore. He couldn’t possibly have interest in it.”

Oh, you misunderstand what he made you for. “For His pleasure you were created” Desire to have your heart is to gain that one thing that He no longer has. To obtain the riches He cannot exchange angels for. He will not force and choke a man to surrender. He comes to us as us. Whipped and beaten, naked and hung, He suffocates and bleeds to death on the roadside only to magnificently rise to life before us and take all who believe with Him into the heaven of heavens. It is your heart He wishes to win. Without sword or fight, with love and kindheartedness. He wishes to receive its entirety that he might keep it in safety. Let us worship, which is to say, give Him our hearts. Not part of it, but all, for He is all in all. We do not have the sense to realize what this practically means? It is the offering our life in loving surrender to Him. It is a casting our whole self at His feet. Our plans, needs, desires, dreams, families, gifts, successes, difficulties, questions, knowledge, thoughts, hurts and disappointments at His feet. We present to Him, ourselves. We lay into His hands all that is inferior to Him and receive Him in His all encompassing loveliness.

Such a heart testifies, “You are My God” - granting Him access to the throne of our hearts. While men fight to rule their own lives, we who come to His feet let Jesus wear the crown. We follow Him as the good shepherd. In such a surrender, we are even now the sheep of His pasture. Worship is sheep-ly. As long as we remain sheep-like we remain His. In being His we hear Him and recognize Him. It is the sheep like heart that possesses open ears. One says, ‘I do not want to be a sheep. I want to be a warrior. A sheep? No, I wish to be an apostle.” Dear friend, why do you wish to be something great? As long as you are great He cannot be. One can wear the crown. How long will you love yourself more than Him? It is the relinquishing of all over to Him in simple Spiritual poverty; having nothing in and of ourselves that crowns Him as the Son without whom nothing came into being. Why a sheep? Sheep do not look for leading, they look only to the one who leads. Much of our warrior mentalities are justifying indecent activity in the name of the Lord. We become like self dependent soldiers who believe they have enough knowledge and experience to accomplish the task themselves. We cannot assume we have the wisdom to understand what He desires from us at any time. Sheep are free from such unnecessary concerns.

Their simplicity is of such a kind they are reduced to simply looking at the Shepherd and remaining wherever He is. Why sheep you say? Sheep are much more interested in feeding than leading. Pure enough to realize that they do not know the way, they look for nourishment in His presence. Content to be wherever the Sovereign Shepherd has paused them they are certain His goodness has lay before them a quiet stream of refreshing, luscious green meals and safety from predators. For He is a good King and the kind of guide that must be given more trust than we have in ourselves. How good He is! Even if a sheep falls they are unable to rise on their own. He will joyfully pick them up and say through His smile, “Dear little lamb, you are always needing Me and I am always here.” Sheep are helpless. Their helplessness is their safety. For in the words of Hudson Taylor, sheep are those “who are weak and feeble enough to lean on Him.” Recognizing they have no power in themselves at the feet of Jesus they exchange their weakness for Him as strength. May our hearts rest. May our inner most being trust Him. He is good and we may gladly sing…

I am Jesus’ little lamb

who is happy as I am

For my shepherd gently guides me

knows my need and well provides me

loves me everyday the same

even calls me by my name

Day by day

at home away

Jesus is my staff and stay

when I thirst He bids me go

where the quiet water flows.

-Lutheran Hymn

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 Re: TO HIS FEET by Eric Gilmour



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 Beautiful Devotional!

It is good to ponder on these verses.

Here is the link to that psalm we sang many years ago.
It's a good one to revive.

Come Let Us Worship and Bow Down

Blessings to all His sheep today,


L Young

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