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Todd's "conditions" may be good personal guidlines to go by but I have to say that they should in no way be construed as "official" rules for engagement on this forum.

Nothing personal Todd.

Jeremy Hulsey

 2005/7/15 18:37Profile


Yea, todd. Why do you think this is 'so bad'?

I thought this was straight from heaven when i saw the title. Heck he lives like 10 miles away. I wanna speak out against this man, but i have no words to say.

In the meeting i attended i wanted to scream, but GOD restrained me. Stop me in every way. But instead i just worshipped him, in the mist of demons and demonic activity.

I see nothing wrong with this. Except when the fruit of the convo is gone.

 2005/7/16 0:08

Joined: 2003/5/12
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"Todd's 'conditions' may be good personal guidlines to go by but I have to say that they should in no way be construed as 'official' rules for engagement on this forum.

Nothing personal Todd"

I definately understand that and stand behind your decision 100%. It's actually refreshing to see a moderator come in here and exercise some influence and leadership over the situation. Well done.

"Yea, todd. Why do you think this is 'so bad'?"

It's a fair question, and you are likely not the only one thinking it. I think if you go back and read my previous posts carefully you will discover why I have made the decisions I have made here today.

If you do go back over them carefully and are still confused, I will attempt to help clarify. Hopefully you will come to understand.

And just to help clarify for you a little, I am not totally opposed to the [i]idea[/i] of a thread like this, but I am totally opposed to it being carried out in a manner like it has been started here.

[Oh yeah, and you might want to look at the "Any Tips? Wolfs in Sheeps Clothing" thread (which I just realized you started) in the "Lounge" forum. I think we began our conversation about this over there.]

[[Double "oh, yeah." If you do wish to speak with me further about this, please either write me a private message or start a new thread. I would really appreciate that. I wholeheartedly want this thread to stop right here right now and get closed down.]]

 2005/7/16 1:01Profile

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"Pilgrim and Sojourner." - 1 Peter 2:11


Who on earth is Rodney Howard-Browne? Where do these people come from and how is it that "christians" are listening to them? Is there no discernment alive today? Have we not yet learned to feed ourselves the Word of God and teach others as well? Or are we helpless infantiles who need someone to continually feed them and are helpless at what is put in their mouths?

I think Lahry's comments bring this whole discussion back to the reality it should have as its foundation. Really who is the man "Rodney..." really what matters is Jesus! Yes in the new testament scriptures there is mentions of names of false prophets but rarely! so the emphasis is on general characteristics of what is wrong and more importantly an larger emphasis on what is right. So seeing the right things it may guide us away from the wrong.

I do think that threads on individuals and denominations, ministries, etc can be helpful and I do see alot of this discussion to be helpful for many. I don't see the urgency in closing the whole thread down but because you are wishing this I will lock the forum and if people want to further discuss about Howard Browne and his ministry I would just simply ask that another thread be started that would exclude todd's participation.

I hope this is pleasing to all parties involved and will help us to work together and be able to discuss these matters without much divisiveness and strive.

[b]This forum is locked from this point onwards but the topic is open still for discussion and is condoned.[/b]

SI Moderator - Greg Gordon

 2005/7/16 2:33Profile

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