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 New to Sermonindex. My Testimony

Hello fellow believers in Jesus Christ. It is my hope that all discussions here will be kind to those with a different view of non salvation beliefs. I agree with the creed here, though I am not Catholic. I live for and serve Jesus Christ, King of Kings and Lord of Lords. I have been a believer for 40 years, though I had a time of departure from a right walk with Jesus many years ago. I have watched the established church fall into much error and the Word of God was brought down to the level of the comfort of the people, who say "prophesy lies".. I ended up leaving the established church, and now fellowship online with like minded believers. I have always considered "the Old Paths", and followed past leaders like Andrew Murray, George Whitefield, Charles Spurgeon. They preached the truth and I wanted the best God had to offer. I desire only truth, and I welcome the loving correction of a brother/sister in Christ, when needed.

When I was about 26, I was a cocktail waitress and bartender. I spent my off time dancing and singing at local clubs. I had a boyfriend with a "carnal" relationship, I drank when I went out. But one day, the Holy Spirit called to me in my heart. I had gone to church with my grandmother as a child. So I tested God, being an innocent concerning the faith. I said, Ok God, I have a Bible in one of 3 boxes. If You show me which box it is in, I will know this is You talking to me.. I went to the stack of boxes and put my hand into the middle one, and there was my Bible! I was convicted, and wanted Jesus in my life. So I went to the phone book to find a church. My grandmother had been Baptist, so that's what I chose. I went on a Sunday morning and received Jesus Christ into my life with great joy! He instantly changed me and my desires!
I was scheduled to work at the bar that night, but I called my boss and said, I just can't come to work tonight, but I'll talk to you tomorrow. He didn't ask any questions. The next day, I went in and shared Jesus with my boss and told him I could no longer serve alcohol to people. I asked if he could just let me quit right then without a notice. He said he would work it out. I told him how Jesus changed me and my desires. He had a Christian background. He had tears in his eyes and said, You're doing the right thing and I'm really proud of you. He said, That's something I need to think about..
My Christian walk began the day I gave my heart and my whole life to Jesus..
Thank you for listening. My testimony has so much more, but this is sufficient for now..
Love, Jan

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 Re: New to Sermonindex. My Testimony

Hi and welcome. It is great to hear your story of how Jesus first came to you. It is good you were willing to leave your work in that Bar straight after finding Jesus.
And especially that you have that side of your character to be willing to put yourself through letting your boss down. Determined to do it out of righteousness.

David Keel

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