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I don't believe it. Toronto was a fraud, Brownsville was fake
and this garbage is just as phony.
No wonder we no longer attend a penticostal or charasmatic fellowwship.
Give me those dry baptists, boring bethren and dull Christian missionary alliance anytime over this psuedo religious quakery .

 2009/6/24 18:56

 Re: quackery.

by Rev__Enue on 2009/6/24

"I don't believe it. Toronto was a fraud, Brownsville was fake
and this garbage is just as phony.
No wonder we no longer attend a pentecostal or charismatic fellowship."
Give me those dry Baptists, boring brethren and dull Christian missionary alliance anytime over this pseudo religious quackery" .

Brothertom replied;

Well Rev; You and I are on the same page, believe it or not. It is the classic "Experience trumps the Word" heresy that is fueling the great falling away. We must look at the real fruit of the minister, and the history of doctrinal inclinations. Heidi Baker's is spurious , to say the least, and is a part of the infamous Elijah List HERETICS, that exalt their weird self proclaimed power over the foundations of the Gospel!; ala the demonic Todd Bentley.

Her involvement in the rest of these lying moves of anti-Christs spirits via Toronto and the rest, should be a validation to the discerning that she is the same.

The problem with reactionary thinking in a time such as this, is that you DO throw the baby out with the bathwater. Let us settle with nothing less than the Fullness of the Gospel; a pure holiness as fruit of a reformed life manifest in a real and loving body, that the World also identifies as holy and loving.

You must be born again by the Holy spirit. He will come and dwell within you and strive to possess you, if you let Him! Even though that the wicked puff at their perceived anointing, the Church goes on, as a remnant, learning how to love, and to serve one another and the lost.

your friend, Tom

 2009/6/24 23:11


Hello Tom!

i live in Toronto and we attended the Toronto "blessing" once at it's height in 1994.
It was everything you could imagine and worse.
Shaking, rattling, rolling and manifesting
something for what seemed eons.
Anyway good to hear from you, we spoke once before
here in this forum


 2009/6/25 13:00

Joined: 2009/7/2
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 Re: Heidi's 'style'

The first time I heard Heidi I thought she was a victim of tourette's (sic?) with a Christian manifestation...of course I'm kidding, but after reading her books I've decided that this is a result of her speaking while under the sometimes unmanageable power of the Holy Spirit. In regards to this, I also thought that maybe the affected style of many preachers; the affected speech, the breathy pauses etc. have resulted from many mimicking some long ago anointed speaker who was just trying to hold it together while under the 'power'.

 2009/7/2 23:11Profile

Joined: 2009/7/2
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 Re: Heidi

If you judge heidi, than you have to judge jackie pullinger, because they are friends. and if you judge Pullinger, than you have to judge ravenhill and wilkerson, because they recommend pullingers ministry...


 2009/7/2 23:12Profile

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Philadelphia PA

 Re: post deleted

[b]post deleted[/b]

After posting some questions here I recalled that there has been a recent serious medical condition involved and I think it is best to remove my comments from this discussion.

I appologise for any disruption this may cause.

Christopher Joel Dandrow

 2009/7/3 10:35Profile

Joined: 2008/4/7
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 Re: 2005 thread

There are three links on this thread that kicked off this discussion. All pull up [u]404 Not found/moved pages[/u].

1. link
2. inthenameofjesus
3. Video of Toronto Service

Other link references on this site work so I do not think it is my computer. I found some related information on what you are calling the revival but nothing for #3. Can anyone help here with #3.

Maybe this is what happens when [u]a thread from 2005[/u] is, dare I say, revived for some purpose.

The beginning of a discussion regarding TRUTH and SPIRIT (oddly being shaped up here into TRUTH v. SPIRIT) is of far greater importance to me than discussing a particular ministry. For some reason threads on this fall quickly on the rocks. Perhaps this thread (given its title) is not the place to continue. I would like to view the “Video of Toronto Service” of this person or any actual ministry (not her reporting events/being interviewed) video of this person.

 2009/7/3 21:06Profile

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