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11th January
TEXT: PSALM 119:11

''Thy word have I hid in mine heart, that I might not sin against thee.''

In scripture native language, the  words, 'WORD OF GOD' represent every atterance inspired by God; this range from commandments, precepts, testimony and  to all of His promises. The word of God is a restraint; it does keep, hold and restrain a man from evil way. This the word of God does, only when it is hidden, stored, treasured, and preserved in the heart. The word heart in our text simply means the mind: and to hide the word in the mind suggests to memorize the word, to entrench it in the mind; to have it ready in the mind and been able to quote it off-hand. To hide the word of God is to possess it as the rule and inner principles of our life. It is also allowing the word of God to dwell in us richly. When a man thus have the word, only then can it be a redtraint from sin to him. A man that treasures or stores the word of God in his heart, would be kept back from sining against God; many are they whose minds are full of every thing but the word of God: such run into sin without restraint. Promises stored and cherished in our heart, restrain us from unbelief and anxiety. Our duty therefore as christians, if ever we would be restrained from sins, is to labour to richly store the word of God in our mind, being able to quote them as occasions demand; our Lord, during His trial in the wilderness, won the day as He frequently draw upon the word stored in His mind, by saying, 'it is written!' Oh! how sad that saints are so poor in this respect! How many are there whose minds are devoid of the word of God. The Holy Ghost Has no raw materials to work with, whenever He comes to work in a man whose mind has nothing of the word therein. Christians, wake up and store the word in your mind from today, that you may be kept from sin in the hour of temptstion thereby.


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