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12th January

''And daily in the temple, and in every house, they ceased not to teach and preach Jesus Christ.''

For a preacher, faithfulness to God and humanity, consists in raising Jesus before the eyes of all living souls; the preaching of Jesus, is the only power of ordained by God for the salvation of man. So, if Jesus is not preached, this amount to a casting away of God's weapon of war and a doing of injuries to the souls of men. Inherent in every sermon about Jesus, is a living principle and dumamis to unsit, undo and scatter the tyrany of satan and sin in the heart of men. Preaching Jesus, brings Him alive before the people. Whenever He is preached, life and immortality spring up. He is that river in Ezekiel, that causes life to spring up wherever it goes. He is that 'Absalom' that must be preserved in every battle, else the victory would be turned into sorrow. His absence in any mercy gotten, embitters that mercy. Gall and wormwood are dropped into any honey that comes not by Jesus. A sermon that contains not Jesus, can help no soul, disturbs no demons and glorfies not God: it may gain for the preacher applause, but would be of no gain to Heaven and the earth. Like the flood of Noah, sermons about Jesus is the only ordinance that can swallow the hills and mountains of guilt; that flood that can wash away habits that have reigned many years. If Jesus and Him crucified is not preached, we should not expect any lasting renovation and reformatiom in our world. Demons would tyranise; sin would reign; the church would be weakened and hell would recieve more souls, if Jesus be not our chiefest theme; the only song and the pervading motif in all we do and say. Take a look at how the world was conquered by the 1st century christians,--who were crude and unlettered: '...daily in the temple, and in every house, they ceased not to teach and preach Jesus Christ.' Mark how Jesus was their daily discourse and theme in the temple,--where the Jews daily resorted to, and in every house: these they were accustomed to without a halt or break. By this, Jesus, though not physically in Jerusalem again, still lived in every houses and heart. Friends, what preachest thou? What is all the noise about? Why have you left all to preach? You are injurious to both yourself and others if Jesus is not what your teach and preach: 'And daily...they ceased not to teach and preach Jesus Christ.'

Ojoje Adeyi

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