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9th January

''To write the same things to you, to me is not grievious, for you it is safe.'' Phil. 3:1

If ever any man would remain in a state, wherein constant light and bread be supplied to him--the one for his path and the other for his hungry soul--he must remain under an irresistable convinction and disposition of heart that his knowledge is imperfect (1Cor. 13:9), and needs be increased evermore; that his memories are slippery, and frail and needs be refreshed constantly; that his attention is dull, and many truths slip by him at first hearing without regard; nay, that the human's heart is backward to duty and must needs to be frequently excited by what I call, 'utility repetitions'. It shows pride of knowledge and an itch for curious novelty, when a man cannot endure to hear, or read more than once of the same truths. This kind of disposition or humour toward truths should not be fed or gratified, but mortified and its throat slitted. I therefore call on all who look for a better city, to be often consulting with those truths that were heard in the past. Truth is ever old and ever young. As it is said of Jesus, so it could be said of truth: the same yesterdy, today and for ever more. Heb. 13:8. No man or Nation can outgrow truth. He is a great and wise man that has wealth and treasure of truth within and around , upon which he can draw in hours of need. The human minds needs constant reminder, otherwise, he forget what he hears or reads. Preachers should find no shame in repeating fundamental truth over and over again. It is spiritual pride to think it shameful to preach a sermon twice; it is of no moment to have fleet of readily prepared sermons and be praised, yet no impact is made. Some times God needs a preacher to trump up and press a matter for a long time into the ears of His people. Books read before should be returned to again. Trust not your retentive power: learn to refresh your memory from time to time. Repetition is safe. May all preachers say like Paul, 'To write the same things to you, to me is not grievious, for you it is safe.

Ojoje Adeyi

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