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Discussion Forum : News and Current Events : Christianity Today calls for President Trump's removal

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 Re: Christianity Today calls for President Trump's removal

A very fitting name for their magazine;

"Christianity Today"

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 Re: TOM!!!

Ha! That is possibly the most sober minded and articulate summary of the American national/political landscape that I’ve read in quite some time now!

Each line pulled at the corners of my mouth, eliciting a smile that urged me to continue reading expectantly -

Indeed it does appear the battle that was once behind the scenes of most people’s perceptions has now begun to spill over into their view and is quickly becoming an undeniable frame for the reality in which they find themselves fully immersed.
Well done brother !



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I am shocked on the one hand that CT came out with such a declaration but when I consider the direction it has been going for years it should not surprise me at all.

We used to get CT magazine for years - over 20, in fact, but refused to resubscribe when I got weary of sorting through the bones to get a few morsels of meat. This happened around ten years ago when we refused to subscribe to it. One time a subscription company called urging us to subscribe and when I told him why we quit, he was amused. SIGH. BTW, I do have a egg crate box full of old CT magazines.

Anyways, one is seeing a real civil war ongoing, the metal guns just have not shot - yet - or, maybe they are - the battlefield is just different. This is not unlike the one that raged back in the 1960s in response to the Vietnam War and by extension Civil Rights.Back then molotov cocktails were a weapon of choice. Ban guns and then you cam easily make these with components readily available. I remember this very well. It was really scary back then.

Yes, we are in a war. Make no mistake.


Sandra Miller

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Maybe CT ought to put Nancy Pelosi on it’s cover. While impeaching President Trump, she got very agitated at a reporter’s question that was asked if she hated the President. She said that she was a Christian and prayed for President Trump. There are only two Democrats in Washington D.C. that are pro life. The Democratic Party has openly rejected Christianity.


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 Re: Christian Post editor resigns after Christian Post magazine backs Trump (title edited)

It's an easy story to Google also just like the Christianity Today news.

David Winter

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 Re: Christian Post editor resigns after magazine backs Trump

I am calling for the removal of Christianity Today ;)

SI Moderator - Greg Gordon

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