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 Abortion Clinics Closing At Rapid Pace In US.

Abortion Clinics Closing At A Rapid Pace In US
Praise God for this victory!


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 Re: Abortion Clinics Closing At Rapid Pace In US.

Since 2012, one-third of independent abortion clinics in the United States have closed. The pro-choice community showed concern in the recent report but Pro-Lifers are celebrating the great news.

According to the report in Abortion Care Network, there were 510 opened independent clinics. However today, only 68 percent remain operational making only 334 clinics left. The highest number of closures are: 15 from California, 15 from Texas, and 11 from Florida and Michigan.


could it be planned parenthood (govt funded) just took over?

I do believe there are victories currently being won in areas and this is encouraging.

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 Re: Abortion Clinics Closing At Rapid Pace In US.

On the surface this stat looks promising but I consider it troubling still. The reality is that the number of births to unmarried females stands at 39.6% of all births. This is troubling. Tragic. Big time. It means that 39 children out of 100 born will not have a dad married to its mother.

People have become used to the dark and it no longer seems as horrible as it used to. People have lost a sense of the holiness of God - they think God will look the other way, that there will be no serious repercussions.

A testimony: One day at the CPC I had a client. This couple was black, college students and they were nice, they were serious, but she was pregnant. I looked at them, I liked them. Then the devil so sweetly whispered to my conscience, "Now, Sandra, don't be so hard on them - see how nice they are? is not so bad..." So sweet, so alluring. Then reality hit me: "NO! I cannot do that!!" The sweet alluring voice went silent.


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Ginnyrose, I'm curious - what does including the couples race add to the point that you're making about the tragedy of single-family homes?

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 Re: a little info

Nicole: There is no necessity for political correctness here. Since P.C is just a means or silencing opposition to liberal agenda and garnering favor for sins of all kinds.

In Christianity there are no protected races since in Christ we are all one. But if you decide to become the race-police when someone designates a couple as black or white...what have you done? Enact the very thing the liberals hide the obvious.

Maybe you need a background for abortion clinics?

These quotes will surely give you plenty of fodder to police...and then hate.

Just remember what it is that should be hated and what it is that should be loved.


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