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 Touching testimony of Repentance and Reconciliation

I would like to share a testimony a client of mine shared with me when I was a volunteer at a Crises Pregnancy Center years ago. In the course of interviewing our clients we were required to ask her if she had ever been sexually abused.

One day after asking this question a story unfolded that blessed me...

The lady had been molested when a young girl. Time passed and then the abuser came to her one day and apologized to her what he had done to her years ago. He was sorry and grieved for the pain he had inflicted upon her. Then he asked if there is anything he can do to ease, to remedy the pain he caused? She told him "no" there is nothing he can do...the apology, the spirit in which it was expressed was adequate.

I was amazed at how the Holy Spirit had convicted him and provoked him to apologize. He was truly sorry and repentant of his sin. I have shared this testimony many times...the problem is when I share this they cannot see the victim, hear her voice as she related this to me...the memory is so sacred, so touching, about makes me cry as I recall it. Blesses me every time I allow my memory to go down this lane.

Dunno why but felt led to share this - maybe somebody needed a nudge or a bit of encouragement.

God bless.


Sandra Miller

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