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 All Democratic presidential candidates back taxpayer-funded abortions- Christian Post

Every Democratic presidential candidate that remains in the race is now on record saying they support taxpayer-funded abortion at the federal level.

In a New York Times survey, the results of which were released Monday, the newspaper reached out to every Democratic candidate for president about their views on abortion, and published their responses to a set of questions about specific policies.

All but five of them completed a survey where they were asked to elaborate further on their views. For those who did not respond, the paper determined their stances on the issue from other publicly available sources, such as interviews, debates and forums, and the candidate's published plans.

All of the candidates are now on record saying "Yes" when asked if they would "codify Roe v. Wade" and "repeal the Hyde amendment," the legislative provision first instituted in 1976 that forbids the use of federal funds through Medicaid or other government entities to pay for abortions. For decades the amendment had notable bipartisan support.

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