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 Tony Evans Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship

Tony Evans mourns death of father:

'For his legacy of faith and family, I’m forever grateful'

By Leah MarieAnn Klett, Christian Post Reporter| Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Pastor Tony Evans is mourning the death of his father, Arthur S. Evans Sr., who he fondly remembered as the “foundation” and “rock” of the Evans family, leading them all to “a saving faith in Jesus Christ.”

On Tuesday, Evans, senior pastor of Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship in Texas, announced on Instagram that his 90-year-old father had “entered into the presence of His Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.”

“I saw him love the Lord, love his family, and love the body of Christ with his life. Besides hearing well-done from his Savior, my father took pleasure in his children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, and great-great grandchildren as his earthly accolades,” Evans said.

“Faith and family. This is my father’s legacy. And legacy was everything to him. The reason I am what I am today is because of the foundation my father laid for me to stand on. I know what it is to lead my family because I watched him. I know what it is to lead my church family because I watched him.”

“And I know what it is to preach to people all over the world because I stood next to him on street corners decades ago, watching my father preach to anyone who would listen.”

Upon his death, Arthur S. Evans Sr. was wearing his Kingdom Man shirt, his son said, adding: “Whatever I am, and however I lead others, my knowledge of what it means to be a Kingdom Man, started with my father. And for his legacy of faith and family, I’m forever grateful.”


ALSO: website reports -
Nov. 2019

Pastor Tony Evans gave an update about his wife, Lois, and her battle against cancer. Evans said chemotherapy and radiation are no longer options to treat Lois’ condition. Despite the dire news, Evans said the family still has hope that God can intervene and do “what man is unable to do.”

“Lois spent all of last week in the hospital due to severe pain related to her biliary cancer,” Evans wrote in a status update on social media. “The doctors were able to manage her pain, and they released her from the hospital for home care,” he said.

This is the second time Lois has battled gallbladder cancer, which is a rare condition. In April, Evans announced Lois’ cancer had returned and that they were searching for an “effective treatment.”

Evans indicated in his recent post that even though chemotherapy and radiation are no longer options, Lois is pursuing alternative forms of treatment. He wrote, “While we wait on our miracle, Lois is continuing with natural therapies, supplemental treatments and is surrounded 24/7 with the love of her nuclear and extended family as well as the support of our church and national ministry.”

As ChurchLeaders reported in April, the Evans family has faced a series of tragedies over the last couple of years:

The Evans family has suffered several significant losses over the past year or so. Dr. Evans’ niece, Wynter Evans Pitts, died suddenly in her sleep in the summer of 2018 at age 38. Pitts was the founder of the ministry For Girls Like You and mother of actress Alena Pitts, who played Danielle Jordan in the movie War Room. And only six months before Wynter’s death, Dr. Evans lost his brother.

Adding to these tragedies, Evans lost his sister, Beverly Johnson, unexpectedly in January of this year.

In April, Evans said his faith was being tested in a way he’d never experienced before, but that he was trusting in God. It is clear that he and his family are clinging to their faith in God again.

“We know God is still on the throne, and our faith is in Him and His Word, and His love for us has not wavered in the least,” Evans wrote.

He also included a Bible verse in his update on Lois’ condition: Ephesians 3:20-21, which speaks about God’s ability to do “immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine.”

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 Re: Tony Evans Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship

Thank you, he has Blessed me for many years, I listen to Tony every morning at 8:30 on KHCB here in Houston. This is why I try to be nice to every person I meet, because I never know what they are going through, or have been through. As a person that has lost a wife and a child, and had a triple bypass, I can personally relate to what Tony is going through. May God continue to give all of us, the strength to continue in his will for our lives.

I know I am weak Lord, so I will allow you to carry me through this valley. I struggle to think clearly, so I depend upon your living word to lift me. I feel such darkness around, so I look to your light. I walk with a heavy heart, so I will give you each burden. I wonder if my heart can take the strain, so I rest in your love and peace. I light a candle tonight to remind me of the warm glow of your hope in dark places.



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