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SANCTIFIED. So much discussion about this. So little understanding, myself included.

Joh_17:19  And for their sakes I sanctify myself, that they also might be sanctified through the truth.
Act_20:32  And now, brethren, I commend you to God, and to the word of his grace, which is able to build you up, and to give you an inheritance among all them which are sanctified.


I have wrestled with what this word means, for many years now. I go around the mountain, again, and there is stands in my path. Nothing wrong with my understanding after all. It's my RESPONSE that has been lacking. And so I go around the mountain once again, only to find that I'm back where I began. Like being in squirrel cage. Getting no where, even when I run.

SANCTIFIED - set apart.

Set apart from what? From ALL that is not HOLY. THAT'S WHAT THE CROSS DOES. This world is NOT HOLY. But we live in it. But we simply cannot live according to it, or like it in anyway. If we are not set apart from them, then we are PARTAKERS with them, in their filth and debauchery. We compromise our SANCTITY.

SANCTITY - the state or quality of being holy, sacred, or saintly. Holiness, in life and character.

Ever learning but never coming to the knowledge of TRUTH. What good is knowledge of HIM do for me, if I'm not willing to LIVE IT? Oh I've made my feeble attempts. But then up comes some situation that really appeals to my flesh, and the battle rages. And too often, way too often, I give in and compromise.

So about 2 months ago, I arrived back at my beginning once again, and began to wrestle with compromise once again. I can tell you exactly the time. I watched the first NFL game of the year. And the next day, I was wrestling once again with WHAT IS WRITTEN and how I live.

See my knowledge base is not that of a novice. I've had my nose in the Bible, off and on, for more than 45 years. It's not that knowledge is lacking. Oh no. Like everyone else, I like BACK BONE. JELLY FISH do not have a back bone. Most of my life I've been an old jelly fish and at times with no sewer to swim in. So for me, knowledge is not the problem. It's my self will that wrestles with HIS will, found in the knowledge I've acquired over the decades. HE always brings me back to YOU'RE NOT LIVING SET APART LAHRY. YOU ARE LIVING LIKE THEY DO. The unsaved folks, in and out of "CHURCH".

So after the first NFL game, HE began to remind me of what I lose when I watch the NFL. First of all, I'm always the loser when I do it. If nothing else, I lose TIME. And I realize more and more each day, that I'm about to run out of time, period. Game over. So time is precious to me.

Not only that, my emotions get involved in these games, and my mood changes depending on who wins the game. My favorite team wins, I'm in a great mood. My team loses, I'm grouchy. I'm human, when I should be sanctified. Set apart from all of this.

So anyway, after the first game of the season (Packers beat the Bears), I decided I needed to make some radical changes, if I were to continue to walk with HIM. I really didn't know what HE was doing when I watched football. But whatever it was, I missed it. My loss. I came to the place where it had to stop. And not just NFL, but NASCAR and all of commercial TV.

Here in Mexico, I was using a "TV Streaming box" to get US TV. So I disconnected it. It's in a drawer somewhere. I won't sell it because I don't want anyone else using it.

No TV, no entertainment. More time. What to do with the time. Well, I have more time to help others. I have more time to study and meditate. But I was really hoping to be able to HEAR FROM MY LORD more clearly. At first, if I waited on HIM. Not much was happening. Then I realized, HE had been waiting on me. Waiting on me to accept my SANCTIFICATION that HE provided for me when HE died for my sins.

So to be honest, I was bored. I do most of my study and writing first thing in the morning. But when that work is done, I go out and help some folks or go to a Bible Study. I don't have many folks that like to hang out with me, but that's ok. My LORD hangs with me continually. And now I'm hanging with HIM.

I love anything to do with Airplanes. I'm a licensed pilot. Even though I don't pilot planes any longer, I still enjoy watching them fly and others fly them. So sometimes in the evening, watch a few videos on flying, because my mind is thrashed for the day. And so I just soar up into the heavens and relax until I'm ready for bed. But I stay away from anything that is "competitive". And anything that is morally compromising. And ALL of Comercial TV is COMPROMISING. Why? Because I get involved in the competition, just like if I were actually in the game. I get involved in the news, as if I could change it. Too many distractions, so little time.

And you know, it's the same thing with music, what I allow myself to read, everything I do. But what I really wanted in this latest attempt to live sanctified, was to get closer to my LORD. I have long asked this question: "WHAT WOULD HAYAH DO WITH A MAN OR WOMAN WHO WOULD LIVE SET APART AS ALL OF US ARE CALLED TO DO?" What would happen. I want to find out. You may never hear about it. Not likely that the world will either. But I want nothing between my soul and my SAVIOR. NOTHING!

Well, in this last attempt, at first, nothing happened, that I could see or feel anyway. But now that it's been a couple months, and I've been really careful as to what I allow in my vessel, what I see and hear, I'm realizing that life is changing for the better. I'm not perfect at it yet. But I am changing and progressing. I'm beginning to see prayer answered. And the WORD as I read and study it, is beginning to speak to me with more passion and excitement.

See, when you preach it but don't live it, the VALUE is missing, or quite limited. But when you really begin to guard your vessel and seek ye first HIS kingdom and RIGHTEOUSNESS, things change. I change. That's is what needed to change. I have had to DECIDE that what I wanted was only ONE GOD, YEHOVAH. And no other loves. I live alone, so that helps. But I'm beginning to feel more "useful" to HIM and to those HE chooses for me to serve. Do I still fight my flesh? YES!!!!! Every day, there are things I want to do in my flesh. Ah, but greater within me, is a passion to do what pleases HIM. And that is my pursuit. Not my will, but thine be done oh LORD........ to be continued.

Lahry Sibley

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