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 The apostate church in the economy of God

Brothers and sisters, I know good number of us have left your former congregations because they yielded to worldliness, liberalism money, celebrity pastors, and all sorts of false teachings. Other churches are into dead orthodoxy and sterile formalism.
We are in search for truth, and fellowship in the Spirit. Some of us have left their fellowships and found usually smaller congregations, others have not been able to settle anywhere for quite a while. True fellowship in the Spirit is rare nowadays. I have been in and out of churches for many years.

I believe this is following a global trend. Often, we bemoan the state of the church and walk sad and lonely, and some of us might have their fair share of ridicule from former backslidden Christian acquaintances.

What we are seeing happens on a grand scale is a sign of the soon return of the Lord. He plainly foretold us that it would be so. Can anything good come out of this one may ask? I believe the answer is yes, and let me explain why:

Just as God allows persecution in some places to purify the saints the apostate church is God’s permitted instrument to sift out the true saints from among them.

In the process of sifting grain, you need 2 forces. The wind and gravity. If one is missing, sifting cannot take place. The wind is the wind of false teaching, the chaff of light religion is blown away.

Persecuting is like the crushing of grapes or the purifying of gold in the furnace.

Whatever process God uses, it is for purification.

A great sifting is taking place. Some who used to be alive fall into apostacy, some who were backslidden suddenly awake. God is looking for a pure bride and he recruits people in all sorts of fellowships. Blessed are you when you “came out from among them” but you must not “touch any unclean thing” 2. Cor 6:17.

You have been awakened and set on a pilgrimage. You have renounced the hidden things of darkness and walk in a closer union with the Lord.

We must not be weighed down with all the sadness that this falling away can cause us.

We should take a warning from Elijah: He was a man who fought for the truth and he did not yield to pressure yet in the end he fled from Jezebel. His problem was that he thought he was the last man standing and the only one left. Yet the Lord showed him, that there were 7000 others that did not bow the knee to Baal. I think Elijah would have done better, if he had been diligently searching for these remnant people, like Obadiah, who hid the 50+50 prophets in caves. The 7000 strong remnant could have strengthened him and he them so that he would not have fled from Jezebel.

Some of us got into the morbid habit of searching out all these errors that are around, because it makes them feel better than them. I have been guilty of that, too.

Sometimes, when I look back to my backslidden times, I thought I was happier in this fool’s paradise.

I think it is crucial for survival to find true fellowship. Even then, you must be on guard that you do not fall. Deception is increasingly becoming stronger and subtler. Mere intellectual bible study does not suffice to detect deception. I think the only way to avoid all traps is daily intimate communion with the Lord.

God is looking for a pure bride who stays true to Him and does not go whoring with other lovers, does not stain her bridal dress with sin. Blessed are you

In the midst of this let us cry:

“Even so, come, Lord Jesus. The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you all.”

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