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 Short and Sweet


Lahry Sibley

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 Re: Short and Sweet

"I have fought the good fight." Faith rests in the finished work and indwelling presence of Christ and faith fights and strives and wars and works hard in the energy and and strength Christ provides.

This idea of passive and active work of Christ is so prevalent in the Bible but it seems people land on one or the other. Its not "either or" but "both and". It is the duality and singularity of justification and glorification in this life completed in glory. It is Christ and me yoked together and one together. It is Christ and I in union and Christ and I in communion. It is me putting to death the misdeeds of the body by the Spirit. It is "I no longer live but Christ who lives in me" and it is "I discipline my body." It is sin no longer reigns in me and it is.... do not let sin reign in your body.

This duality but singularity of the work of the Spirit in cleansing the heart and in causing the heart to obey that we find most difficult to reconcile. It is faith in action or the obedience of faith, or living faith. Resting faith that is zealous for good works and faith fighting against the schemes of Satan. It is contentment with passion.

It is I rest in the finished work of Christ for my justification and I fight harder than all the rest in the active and mighty resurrection power of His grace unto sanctification.

We rest in the removal of the penalty of sin and we strive in the power of the defeat of sin.


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