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 Baptist Church Makes History, Calls Transgender Pastor

An Ohio Baptist church this summer called a transgender pastor to lead its church, making it one of the few Baptist congregations in the United States to be led by a minister who has a gender identity different from their birth sex.

Peace Community Church called Erica Saunders, a graduate of Wake Forest University School of Divinity, and then held an official welcoming service this month for Saunders, according to Baptist News Global.

The congregation was founded as First Baptist Church of Oberlin in July 1866 and is affiliated with the Baptist Peace Fellowship of North America, the Association of Welcoming & Affirming Baptists, the Alliance of Baptists and the American Baptist Churches of the Rochester/Genesee Region.

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 Re: Baptist Church Makes History, Calls Transgender Pastor

Sick! I just learned that one of the churches I used to go to now celebrates a beer festival, while claiming it is ungodly to celebrate Halloween!

Even so Lord Jesus, come back soon and find us ready.

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As Christians, of course this is terrible, but God warned us in 2 Timothy 3 about these days. These things happening, regardless of how bad we dislike it, should encourage us that God is real, scripture is truth, and thank you Lord that you have given us an early warning. I'm one of the most optimist people on earth, my glass is always half full, I hate to see these things happening, but thank God us believers will all be in a place one day, where we will never have to see anything like this again. Praise Jesus!


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 Re: Baptist Church Makes History, Calls Transgender Pastor

This is what we need to be AWARE of if we are a ‘traditional ‘Follower.
If the world shall stand for quite some time, WILL THIS TO, become part of an long on-going tradition,.. that will be excepted as many other things before it?...for now, it is very blaring.

How many will end up following this ‘way,’
The ‘way’ of Satan ?
How many other things are we following, that is contrary to the Word of God,.. that is very subtle ,..even changing the definition of His Words,.. it becomes a norm...that “seemeth right into a man” .... but is of the deceiver, ..That goeth about to deceive the whole world.
By following after a man, and not God, Himself?

“There is ‘a way’,.. (and not ‘The Way’,)....that seemeth right into a man, but ‘the way’ thereof, is ‘the way’ of death,... (and not Life.)

Shouldn’t there always be a reservation in our hearts when man teaches,.. to hold out in The Spirit , confirming though The Spirit and The Word of God, the truth ?

Always seeking to know God,.. The truth of God,.. to ‘see’ how He ‘see’s
How He judges in all things.

Jesus,..Jesus,.. Jesus,...
Followers of Jesus.
He always looked to God, ...Seeked His will,.. did His will ,.. followed.

Do you mean, if we follow Jesus, that we will of necessarity, have to hear and do ?,.. obey ?

Speaking The Truth , But In much love,

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