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I was speaking in hyperbole about quality production, not calling anyone in the video a Nazi.

Also, *are* many Iranians coming to Christ? If they are not really born again, but loosely discipled & turned loose early on to do the same, then into what are the people entering? I will watch the rest of the video.

As I shared earlier, there are many cults in Iran with Biblical origins.

 2019/10/16 15:01

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I know you didn't call anyone a Nazi but even referring to them in the context of evaluating the video seems a bit out out of place to me.

/*Are* many Iranians coming to Christ?/

That is what has been the story for a few years now. You question if they are really being born again. It's a easy question to raise from afar it seems. There are many cults with Biblical origins everywhere even in this country but God is still raising up a true church.

David Winter

 2019/10/16 17:44Profile

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