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 Believing and Abiding by Becky McLendon

The following word was sent to me. I thought I'd share it on this forum:

The Lord is saying quit your toiling and let me do the adding. The Lord adds what his plan needs.

Seek ye first the kingdom
And all these things will be added.
Seek ye first perfection
Seek ye first conversion
Seek ye first his rest
Seek ye first the beginning
And all these things will be added.

If man wants to "add to"...he first needs to seek the kingdom. People want “things” in their carnal lifetime instead of His life, His love and His kingdom. We are to be in Christ for all things to happen. We then begin to see what we gave up, and what we have come out of. Wow it stinks. Being in Christ is so clean, so holy and so precious. Perfection is the destination; and we have assurance in Christ. Assurance gets us to the destination! When we have found His plan, we have one head, which is Jesus. Jesus has lots of tearing down to do. His Life must fill and cover the earth.

The carnal mind beguiles most. It lies to most people. The great delusion is the carnal mind and the carnal system that calls itself “god.” It is Satan declaring his ascent above the throne of God. It is Satan challenging, “Hath God really said?”

Much unbiblical teaching is founded in a gross misunderstanding of scripture brought about by painstaking study. The carnal mind studies; then it lies and then makes laws and bylaws of these lies. The carnal mind has to create all those things to justify the lies they have added. They think they do, but they have no bible for their studying. It got buried under all their laws and by-laws. Their carnal mind lies to them and tells them they have to study, but the study they are “commanded to do” is the study of their lies rather than being diligent about hearing the heart of God. Man says, “We won't like you if you don't study...and if you don't study our doctrine.” They are “speaking lies in hypocrisy; having their conscience seared with a hot iron;” 1 Timothy 4:2.

There is more to the word “study” than sitting in on a man’s bible study and pouring over heavy volumes of commentaries. The word itself means: To hasten, make haste; to exert one's self, endeavor, give diligence; to be diligent; be forward; do diligence, give diligence, labor; be eager, make every effort,

I see nowhere in this where God is saying go to men's bible studies or sit around discussing passages of scripture within the context of men’s doctrines. It DOES say to be diligent to show yourself approved unto God Himself, and not man or a denomination. Most just say:” study to show thyself approved." and leave it at that. Therefore it becomes a law of man. And to get the "man of God's approval" you are supposed to "study your bible every day, and we have the prescribed study and methods of study all laid out for you." That is their way of being “approved unto God,” but it is the “god” they have created with their laws, by-laws and interpretations.

What God says is this: “hasten to show yourself approved to God. Exert yourself to show yourself approved unto God. Be diligent about it. Rightly dividing (cutting straight, cutting straight ways; proceeding on straight paths, holding a straight course, equivalent to doing right; making straight and smooth, handling aright, teaching the truth directly and correctly; accurately handling the present truth in Christ.) The truth would be, objectively speaking, what is true in any matter under consideration; truly, in truth, according to truth; of a truth, in reality, in fact, certainly. Truth would be what is true in things appertaining to God and the duties of man, moral and religious truth. And, subjectively speaking: truth as a personal excellence; that candor of mind, which is free from affection, pretence, simulation, falsehood, and deceit. Truth is free from the additions the carnal man attempts to attach to it. Truth and truth alone can set men free. To really STUDY is to cleave unto God and His word, adding nothing to it to make it more palatable to our carnal nature.

There are other examples of the carnal mind “adding to” what God has said and then developing lengthy “studies” to keep men entrapped in the system of “studying to show thyself approved”, but taking away from God. For example, the carnal mind is "using" the doctrine of "tithing" to where it has become almost a "sacrament of the church" They place a huge emphasis on “tithing” to make sure they can keep the bigger and more elaborate building that "god" told them to build running. I have seen church after church completely fold because "god" told them to build a new sanctuary. Then they start preaching tithing every Sunday to pay the bank note that "god" told them to take out on the new sanctuary. The people leave and the thing goes under.

Seek ye first his divine nature.
Seek ye first his holiness

To teach that God won’t bless you or heal you if you don’t tithe is wrong. It is the gospel of condemnation and puts a "condition" on the wonderful grace of god. They are teaching "tithing" as a magic formula to get the genie in Aladdin’s lamp to "perform". It turns my stomach. A cheerful giver is not one who "faithfully" obeys the local church government's command to permit them extract 10% from each "member's" income to pay the bank note and help the preacher live like a high roller. A cheerful giver hears the voice of God who says I want you to give to this one or sow into the life of that one, for they do my will and bow not to the pressures of men. God calls us to be the supply for the needs of others, not their lusts.

But then these same preachers won’t preach that if you continue in sin, God can’t bless you or heal you, because if they preached a repentance message, they would lose their "faithful givers" and it would all fold.

I had an "ordaining" group (my "covering" or place of "accountability") write threatening letters to "their" people that they would check with the employers to see if they were "giving" their faithful tithe to the organization. I sent back all my credentials post haste saying I want no part of them anymore. Never heard a word from them wondering why. However I think they knew why.

Sounds like they had a big "ministry" debt to pay off! However, if God did not anoint the ministry as his ministry, you are going to "beg for money" all the time. If he did anoint the ministry as his ...he will supply all you need for that ministry and not what you lust for. A cheerful giver gives in the anointing of God to be the supply for the need.

Another “teaching” that has called for much “study” by men is “healing. There is already a great deal taught and preached regarding healing and restoration, and there is certainly much truth in those teachings. But the additions of carnal men who have “studied” and formulated more teachings have buried the simple truth: Believe Jesus, who healeth thee.

A friend of mine pointed out: “There will be those who will say, well, we got to get the sin out. We have to pray more. We have to believe more. Confess more. More confessions. More faith-songs, more communion, more church, more teachings, more pleading the blood, more casting out demons, getting forgiveness of generational curses and sins, getting forgiveness of grandpa's sins and grandma's sins, Masonic curses, regional curses, etc. etc.

In short, the list of things that "teachers" have come up with regarding healing is getting longer and longer; so long that a few brothers and sisters have balked upon seeing just how many have been taught.

I'm not saying at all that these teachings are false or irrelevant or superfluous, etc.

But I've noted in the Gospels that Jesus when asked for healing would ask the petitioner one question and almost always one question only: DO YOU BELIEVE THAT I AM ABLE TO DO THIS? Or, in a nutshell, do you believe?

He didn't even ask, Do you have enough faith? It was just a simple yes/no type question, Do you believe, yes or no? A qualitative question, not quantitative. Simple, direct. And it worked.

Carnal “study” produces men’s lists. Man studies to satisfy his carnal nature to “do good works”. My friend continued to say: When there are seemingly long lists of requirements to accomplish a good spiritual thing, Satan can easily tempt a Christian with thoughts of, “Well, you have an incomplete list, or you forgot item no. 19, or you didn't do them in order, or you didn't completely finish step 14, so you have to redo everything or it won't work at all and God will be displeased with you. “

It sounds just like the Old Testament man-made laws and traditions...oops you forgot commandment 596 of the Levitical law...sorry try again next year. We can't study man’s way without exalting ourselves, having a high opinion of our ability. We say in our studies: “look at me I am smart.” Look! I took this bible class and got a certificate of completion. I am now an "expert" on this book of the bible! But in these studies, I am not smart enough to know who is right. So I just keep on studying. Studying only "almost persuades" but never converts. When all you do is study men’s studies, you add, and you take away. When you get through, all you have is what you added, and took away. The truth is buried. It is all vanity of vanities, so those that study are ever learning, and never arriving. By revelation we are never adding. By revelation we arrive every day into his present truth.

Living in His spirit, is the only way. We can be approved of God only by living in Jesus. That is the true meaning of "study": be diligent to live in the spirit. Abide in Christ, believing what He says. It is that simple.

Blessings and Shalom,


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