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Discussion Forum : News and Current Events : Benny Hinn renounces prosperity gospel.

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Exactly, this false annointing has wrecked serious havok. It originated from BH and fell on Rodney Howard Browne and then culminated in the "Toronto Blessing" . It was not from God, but a counterfeit. I was in such a church for 10 years, until SI featured teaching helped me to come clear. It was like a drug addiciton. The Lord had to take me through years of chastisment until my blind spiritual eyes were opened. Most of those who were in this movement never managed to come clear.

This is much more serious than taking money devoted to God into his own pocket.

Remember Benhadad's superficial repentance in 1.Kings 20:31-43. Even he offered restitution.

I am still praying for BH to go all the way to come clear.

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