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 Rebuking "Stray's"

I'm at King's College library, and a dear sister here is feeding me print-out's from a wonderful site called

This is a great website to help us in discernment when it comes to what ministries are worthy of our offerings.[url=]Ministry Watch[/url]

 2005/7/12 15:13


...from another thread.


TV Preachers....who can you watch?

How about watching the leading Holy Spirit?

I would say the vast majority of posters here would refer to themselves as mature Christians. I would agree with that as well. Is it not time for us to be preachers and teachers?

I know there must be somebody on TV who is preaching led by the Holy Spirit. Many on TV started that way. But big business has lured them into modifying the truth of God's Word.

Folks, these TV preachers need prayer.

I visited a big "t-v preacher's church.......once. Once was enough. I just did not feel right in the place. So who am I to matter if I feel right in a place or not? Well, it's probably not important to you at all. But it is very important to me.

Jesus said, "My sheep know my voice". Those who continually feed on spiritual pablum are seeking what satisfies the flesh, not the spirit.

I think the bible refers to it as the "apostacy". It looks good and tastes good, but it does not satisfy where it counts. That is why the carnal minded keep flocking to this mess, and worse yet, funding it's continuation. The horrible part about it is that millions will show up at Heaven's Gate and think they have "made it" only to hear Jesus tell them to depart, for He never knew them. Instead of refering to what Jesus said, they will refer to what their preacher said and Jesus will have no choice but to deny them.

It is the Holy Spirit Who leads and guides into all truth. Yes, He often uses others to "feed us" until we can "feed ourselves". But once we begin to mature, books, tapes, and video about the bible should pale at the desire for the Book of Books. Our "need" to listen to others should fade and our hunger should be for the meat of the Gospel. Our feet should begin to realize that we are now standing....on the Rock of our salvation.

Saints, there will be apostate preachers and teachers until Jesus comes again. We are to place all our hope, not in man, but in the Good Shephard, Jesus Christ. When "men" get in public places and cowar at the truth, this should not surprise us. They are proclaiming the truth of God's Word because He warned us this would happen.

Jesus said, "If I be lifted up, I will draw all men unto me. Not the Holy Spirit lifted up. Not the big name preacher lifted up. Jesus. Where the Spirit of God is, Jesus will be gloried. It's not about Joel Osteen, or you, or me. It's all about Jesus. He is the author and the finisher of our faith. He has more delightful truth for anyone who will take Him at His Word, than all the preachers in this world combined.

What makes people like Tozer, Ravenhill, and so many more such memorable figures on this site is because these men were worshippers. They spent time with God. God and His Messiah was the passion of their lives. Their ministry was what spilled out of an overflowing life in Christ Jesus. That is why His Word flows so sweetly from them. It is Life, because it is inspired by God. Sadly, men like this have fallen by the way side for a substitute. Satan is in the "substitute business", has been from the beginning. What we see all around us today is inspired by personal gain more than anything else, gain and control. Big kingdoms are hard to yourself.

God said, "I set before you life and death, choose life". The life is in the blood. The blood had better be that of Jesus Christ and no other. Our righteousness and holiness had better be imputed to us by Him, or it will never stand in the presence of the Father. If you are not immersed in Christ, you are lost. Turn off the "tv man", and turn to Jesus. Immerse yourself in His life, and you will have plenty to talk about, plenty to share. Not only will you be alive in Christ, but from your belly shall flow rivers of living water. To God be the glory, now and forever amen.

at peace with God through Jesus Christ my Lord,


 2005/7/13 7:53

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 Re: Neilgin

Amen and Amen, brother!


Sandra Miller

 2005/7/13 23:18Profile

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 Re: Neilgin

lahry, good preaching for someone like us. ...jimp

 2005/7/14 1:45Profile

 Re: JimP and Ginny.....

You are very kind. Thank you.

the key operator,


 2005/7/14 7:14

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