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 Re: Sree (3rd post)

You wrote "Wow, when did you hear me even justifying David? Irrespective of David repenting or not, it is a fact that God accepted him. So if our standard of requirement from God is same as that of David, then it should be perfectly right for a new covenant person to also commit Adultery and then repent or even accept chastisement and take David as his example."

You said earlier words that implied that there is danger into falling into adultery through believing the OT and NT standards are the same. That's implying the Law of Moses is to blame for David's adultery and not David himself. Why would believing Jesus taught a higher standard keep a man from committing adultery when the standard he was under didn't keep him from committing adultery (even if they were different standards, though they are not)? Even you say that the Old Covenant forbid the physical act of adultery. Why don't we raise the standard more and say that anyone who ever is even tempted to do anything bad is in sin worse than adultery? Will that help anything? And are you now implying that a man who has committed adultery should not repent and take his chastisement with David as his example?

You wrote" But thankfully, our standard of requirement is higher than that of David. David did not have the fullness of Holy Spirit that only believers in NT received after the day of Pentecost. He did not have that relationship with God that NT believers have."

Being indwelt by the Holy Spirit in a fuller way does not make the standard higher, though it should make one's obedience to the same standard even better, deeper, and more complete. But have you considered that David may have been tempted literally one million times more than you ever were?
Have you ever had the power he had? I don't think most New Covenant believers would do as well as David did since we have to take up our cross daily and choose to follow the dictates of God's Spirit and not of our own flesh- and that is a mighty hard thing as it is, let alone when one is in great prosperity or poverty. Many New Covenant believers fall away from the faith and aren't even honest with the rebukes, instructions, corrections, etc that they are confronted with despite not having the great temptations that great power and/or poverty bring. And speaking of men under the Old Covenant, what New covenant believer can say they know God like Jeremiah or Daniel did? One could take their examples and claim that they had a higher standard than us, even though they really didn't.

You wrote "

2 Sam 12:8 I gave your master’s house to you, and your master’s wives into your arms. I gave you all Israel and Judah. And if all this had been too little, I would have given you even more.

When David sinned, the above was God's word to him. Here God is clearly telling David that he would have given him more wives and property if he had asked! Can a person living a new covenant life, marry another women and then tell that God gave him like he gave to David, then will you accept him? If God's Standard for David is same as that of you and I then we should also hear God saying he will give us multiple wives if we are not happy with one!"

This makes no sense. David lived as a Jew under the Law of Moses and God did not even say this to other Jews under the Law of Moses. These words aren't even dealing with standards and I think you're grasping at straws to try to prove a point that you know you cannot prove.

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