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It’s easy to say that but many could not read and obviously had no Bible so all they got was what they heard in a RC service.

My point was not addressed to anyone in particular. But it is very easy to castigate the RC church, and I have done so on many occasions, and forget about those for whom the RC church is all they have known, and all their parents and grandparents knew.

I guess we are very fortunate to have lived now, because 600 years ago we would have been Catholics and would not have known any better.


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To all who are reading this thread.

We have the same thing...just tailored to our generation...

"It’s easy to say that but many could not read and obviously had no Bible so all they got was what they heard in a RC service."

In our generation...
It's easy to say that but many who are educated and read very well but have no interest in the bible and read only the humanist or secularist publication or listen to their favorite skeptic, that's all they have to listen to.

There is always more to the story than we think, the protestants of their day weren't lulled to sleep by "sincere papists who have no bible" they exhorted them to listen to the gospel when it was given, attend Church to hear the words of life, seek God even if feeling around blindly.

One might say the same for Hindus, Pagans of all stripes, the Jews and so many more.
When faced with the staggering amount of people who have not known God and died in their sins...there is only one alternative to belief in scripture, consider your own morality greater than God's and condemn him for how he runs the world. This very thing has been discussed numerous times by me and others. These lost ones with their free will didn't secure an annulment of God's judgment upon them, their plight and disadvantage didn't purchase salvation for them, nor did their wealth or advantage in any millennium or nation or people.

God's beloved are elected by God, time and place advantage or disadvantage in this world was never a deciding factor in the salvation of men.

Being born in a secularist household in America and being born in a Pagan tribe in Asia...both of them have their obstacles and both of them their advantages, neither of them are one inch farther from God nor one inch closer.

While we are talking 'spiritual realities' it's meaningless to feel sorry for those in the RCC, and equally meaningless to castigate them if you are not an active witness and sharer of the gospel with the lost. If you or I are not, it's all just academic.

When we try to speak as though we are 'really spiritual' and have done little to nothing to win the Catholic or the secularist to Christ our spiritual talk is all pure hypocrisy. We do have abundant praise for those who post sermons or insights into the close intimate walk with our Lord Jesus Christ, and rightly so for it is praiseworthy, but what is not praiseworthy is a feined spiritual attitude and emotion that is devoid of any real sacrifice to minister to the lost, to reach out to them, to pray for them to find ways to meet them and openly declare your faith and the gospel.

I read plenty on the intimate walk with Jesus but I cant count on one hand the testimonials of those who share the gospel and win the lost in that same time frame of posting.

Share your faith much with a Catholic? You find out quickly just how unbiblical and lost they are...underneath that visage of religious talk. Share your faith much with skeptics and agnostics? You find out very quickly just how devoid they are of any real knowledge of God, Jesus, Sin, the Bible it's as though they were born in a box yet educated and intelligent.

When one castigates the errors of the RCC, to those who's evangelism is mostly non-existent of course such harsh words are just the words of opinionated men without understanding and words of mean theologians who just want to be right...and on and on. But maybe for some it's all a cover for their own disobedience to the great commission. They don't meet the enemies lies working in the hearts of others, nor do they seek to undo those lies because it's safer and less messy when your walk with Jesus is all just about you and him.

I'll let it go here. But for the sake of honesty say to yourself "Do I have faith? by what works do I prove my faith?" Do I have genuine Christian love? Upon whom do I express it.

Do not let your love for God and humanity go any farther than emotional/romantic notions of men whom you surmise to love God and mean ole Christians like me supposedly condemn them.

I can say this with all truth and confidence, I have been 10 times harsher when face to face to those trusting in lies, they had no real conception of God's truth and when brought bear upon what they was difficult for them, hard and so painful to swallow, but God has been pleased to shine the light of the gospel in their hearts. You see it's not about the man who lived 400 years ago and how fair I am to sound, it is about the man I see today in front of me and what kind of witness will I be to that man?

So, in a very real sense I despise spirituality without accompanied works, compassions, gospelizing, ministry to the lost and poor that are right in front of me. Being thought of as harsh to a man who lived 400 years ago that I was not given the right or the time to preach is useless to me and to anyone else living now.

With such a lengthy post, I have provided all the ammunition one needs to accuse me of a dozen different things, find something spiritually wrong with me or just plain dismiss me outright. Believing anything strongly enough to condemn it's opposite is the norm of Christianity. But what is normal now seems extreme and fanatical to minds trained by the world.


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Hemel Hempstead


Todd ,mormans truly love Jesus and so do Jehovah's witnesses but mormans believe Jesus is the brother of Satan who lives in the planet kolob

Loving Jesus does not get you eternal life it is not the gospel that believing in Jesus and repenting from your sin , that he will save you from hell

Todd do you know the gospel ?
Todd there is a site called berean beacon
These are testimonies of people who have formerly come out of the Catholic church

Please click the links as berean beacon witnesses to Catholics

The whole reason you hold a bible in your hand that is in English was due to the fact of William Tyndale as do you like to read the Bible in Latin

Catholics , Jehovah's witnesses and mormans are going to hell because they believe a different gospel
In fact Catholics believe in purgatory

What you are doing is imposing a very protestant doctrine on something that Catholics simply do not believe they will use the same terminology but mean something completely different

Men died in painful ways so that we could be free from the Catholic church
The simple fact we believe in the supremecy of scripture over the doctrines of the Catholic church
That we believe that is by grace alone and faith alone and Christ alone to be saved from hell

As many of your Catholic brethren are going to hell and Justin Welby and the pope

They pray to the saints do you do that in your church and to Mary , they believe in purgatory that you can atone for your sins by paying money to the Catholic church.
They believe that when the pope speaks ex cathedra it is on the same level as scripture
They believe in transubstantiation that the bread and the wine literally become the bread and the wine at the Eucharist

A list of false teachings in the Roman Catholic Church

They believe that good works will get them saved that is the whole point of things like penance in the Catholic church

It has been 400 years since the reformation and there will be no true revival until we have another reformation.

To me it is abhorrent as people like Charles spugeon , r a Torrey, d l moody, George Whitfield, John Wesley, a w tozer literally every revivalist taught about the evils of the Catholic church

If you know anyone who has been saved out of the Catholic church

Dominic Shiells

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I brought my wife and others in her family out of the RC church.

Why do you have to ask such demeaning and patronizing questions like "do you know the gospel?" Even if I didn't, would you expect me to say "no?"

You don't have to explain to me the heresies and grossness of the RC church- like I said before I have argued against it on many occasions.

No one is doubting the fields are white for harvest in the RC church. It is a particularly troublesome and problematic deception because of how it is ingrained in certain cultures/nationalities and because it is called the "largest Christian denomination"so persons within it feel secure.

I still believe that if there is a literal Antichrist it is the RC church and it is here.


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 Re: Marvin

Wow! Marvin, seems like this thread really hit a nerve with you. We all come here just to share our limited knowledge of the word, "because we're all limited" in the flesh on how we interrupt it. No one, I say again no one, has any patent on interrupting the word perfectly, this is why we all do our best to have a kind, edifying and uplifting debate, because in my world, when someone "in general" start beating their chest, they loose all my interest and credibility with me.

Why don't we all just allow the spirit to have some time to work in us, "after we read these threads" it has a much kinder and gentler way to help us understand, after all the spirit knows all, right? We ALL "I hope" come here to learn and try our best "with our limited minds" to understand, some may know more, some less. Teachers of the word are held more accountable, and should have more patience and give the students more time to let what they've read and studied to sink in.

We're all here on SI for a reason, some to teach and some to learn, but when the teachers "in general" can't offer grace to their students, just like at some point the teachers needed that same grace, it's always going to be a struggle here to teach or learn. I will admit, I probably know less about the word that most if not everyone here. Vance Havner once said, "The best bible students are the ones that have not set under to many Bible scholars" Maybe we've have been too busy chopping wood to take time out to sharpen the ax. The work of God cannot be done in the energy of the flesh. Too, much religious activity is just old Adam in his Sunday clothes. It's sad, Christian fellowship has almost become a lost art.


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Hemel Hempstead


Forgive me Todd it always seems that you seem to take the opposite opinion or on subjects that I think are basic such as creation/ evolution
I think it is good news that your family fleed the Catholic church , the problem is with the compromise of the so called evangelical church will any other Catholics be saved out of the Catholic church
It is ironic that famous bible teachers were celebrating 400 hundread years since the reformation and now that work has been undone.
Apostasty is going strong in the church
My problem is the silence of church leaders on issues that really matter is deafening
I find it laughable that people who are interested in biblical prophecy for today yet do not care about the main issue such as the antichrist and the tribulation and the apostasty of the church

Martin luther nailed 99 thesis to the door in wittneburg , what would wake up our worldly , seeker sensitive, ecumenical church

With all these so called Christian youth movements from Hillsong , soul survivor and others where is the fruit
Atheists and anti Christian sentiment runs through society.

Many church people are more concerned with trying to change laws in parliament or changing laws in Washington and not looking at the state of the church.

It does not move me at all when a evil society makes evil laws. When the face of Christianity is the word of faith movement filled with greedy preachers who have compromised with the Catholic church
Then you have preachers who think we are going to rule by infiltrating the seven mountains such as government, entertainment,
So called intellectuals who believe in evolution and do not believe that the bible is innerant

We need a true reformation
The church is dying in the UK

Dominic Shiells

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