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"The organization begins by obeying, but one day it begins to have a strength of its own. There is nothing wrong with growth as long as it is instructed in righteousness. Although growth is good, this kind of success in ministry, whether material or numerical, is not the final issue. Success is not the standard of the kingdom; it is conformity to the will and wishes of the Father alone that establishes the validity of the created enterprises." (Bob Mumford - from "Dr. Frankenstein and World Systems")

doc: As he stated, Brother Mumford is not against growth and success but it is seeing this success and growth etc. as becoming the standard for kingdom success. This standard is from the world and can infiltrate ministries. When this occurs, one begins to serve the goal of growth and success and all of one's energies and activities begin to be poured into this. Then many times you are serving this worldly standard or system instead of the LORD HIMSELF.

I'm not trying to speak down to anyone. I don't claim to have mastered this. Brother Mumford started his booklet off with the quote from Oswald Chambers in the OP. These are good insights in my opinion.

David Winter

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