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 夫妻之道 - Husbands And Wives by Paul Washer

夫妻之道 - Husbands And Wives by Paul Washer

Topic: Marriage
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 Re: 夫妻之道 - Husbands And Wives by Paul Washer


I listened to the whole thing. Often humorous with the Chinese interpreter!
What great advice and exhortation to men and women.
Addressing the greater concepts of men in leadership in the church. And the love of Christ for His bride.

It is apparent that Paul Washer speaks from experience and has lived out the biblical mandates for marriage.

My Christian husband and I failed miserably. We married when we were new in the Lord. We did not have the opportunity of being mentored by such men as Paul Washer.

This message is paramount in our day and age when Christians are attacked mercilessly not only by the culture but by theologically warped
teaching in so many churches. . May God be merciful to our children and grandchildren.

May God protect and keep Christian marriages sacred in a day of profane
temptations and attacks. .

L Young

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I noticed many more things this time listening to this message about the Washers. There are also many things that sure sound good but I know of no scriptural basis for in this message. I would have to check but I think that there are several things Paul Washer has admitted were fleshly aspirations after he faced his heart attack last year but I need to relisten and reread the material surrounding that period.

I find it sobering to listen to messages like this and reflect on the later admissions and regrets because I have to look at my own life and examine what things I am allowing because of sin and personal ambition.

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