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 Re: I am so sick of the spirit of negativity on this forum!

I just realized this, but it seems that the title of this thread suggests that this thread is [i]negative[/i] about [i]negativity[/i]. How funny!

I think that the thread (as threads tend to do) has somehow deviated from the intent of the original post. Neilgin1 seems to have wanted to begin a thread discussing some great men of God (in this case, David Brainerd). There are many wonderful threads on this website that discuss testimonies of men and women who were great examples in the faith that many of us find wonderfully uplifting and encouraging!

However, I might also interject that just because a topic or post is deemed [i]negative[/i] (as a warning, reproof or discussion) doesn't necessarily make it [i]bad[/i].

Remember, the Word of God (including the New Testament) is [u]filled[/u] with words of warning and reproof. The purpose of including such things in the Word is for our own benefit -- that we might grow. Removing such discussion from this website might actually do more harm than good. I have been encouraged and rebuked by many things on this board -- and I thank God for that!

I suppose that if each of us expressed what we really believed about certain doctrines, sermons, preachers or messages -- we might become terribly offended. Each of us come from different backgrounds and we are all at different places on our spiritual pilgrimage through life. There are preachers and doctrines that at one time I held dearly -- that I now reject. Invertly, there are preachers and doctrines that I used to dismiss that I now embrace. Of course, as always, the key is to [u]test everything[/u].

Perhaps we should all realize that we are all human, prone to error, and that none of us is above or below anyone else. That way, we would be slow to [i]offend[/i], and also slow to [i]become offended[/i]. I thank God for this website and for the fellowship of believers found here! The resources available here have helped me grow considerably. And I also thank God for these discussion boards. I don't always comment on all of the controversial topics, but I often dig into the Word to find the certainty of my beliefs.

Jeremiah 29:11-13


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